Yesterday, one of my closest friends had a near death experience that made me feel a deep care for my soul family and remember moments of my life of similar experiences.

These big wake up calls or initiations are not only inviting us to silent moments of introspection but make us appreciate what a wonderful gift life is.

A week ago, I travelled to Los Angeles to witness so many people plugged into the matrix, living on automated pilot, where life became a consensual prison for surviving an enslaving system.

When others were rushing...I stopped walking.

When others were eating fast in the restaurants looking at their phones and how much time they have as a break...I closed my eyes and placed safety and security in the field.

When others were looking at me with emptiness and no hope....I sent encouragement and love.

Every moment of our existence is so precious and if we missed it, its not coming back.

Are you giving yourself permission to live?

Are you ready to accept there is nothing you need to be, do, have to be worthy of living?

Are you ready to drop all your efforts, struggles and burden and surrender to life?

Do you know how to live?

Humanity mastered the art of dying as everyone is rushing towards it, but only a few mastered the art of living.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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