Introducing here, beautiful Mel Garrity Multidimensional Guide, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker and Channel.

I met Mel two years ago and from the first moment we connected, our Hearts were dancing of happiness & joy as we felt our Arcturian heritage and the excitement of our Galactic Famiies.

Mel trained with me for one year and I have witnessed her incredible transformation and accessing advanced quantum knowledge, technologies and multidimensional teachings.

On September 26t 2022 at 12pm Hawaii time, Mel is opening the sacred container of our 3 Days Live Online Event, STARSEED EARTH ALLIANCE with a powerful transmission on: "Heart Consciousness Journey from 3D to 4D" 🎊❤

Mel is bringing the most embodied codes on alchemy, transformation and the hero journey a soul is taking on the ascension path.

She will take us through a Heart Consciousness Journey of connecting & integrating aspects of the human self through Divine Unconditional Love and Oneness Frequency.

Her teachings are a bridge between realms taking us to connect deeper to the immense Light within, exploring our multidimensionality while staying fully grouded in our bodies.

I am so excited to co-create this incredible EVENT with the powerful Mel Garrity and her Soul & Star Family and receiving her unique codes and teachings! 🎊💫❤

Mel is transmitting LIVE from New Zealand and connecting that powerful land with the grid with Starseed Earth Alliance - Ship! 🛸

Let's give a warm welcome to Mel! 🙌❤💫

If you didn't sign up to the event here is the link:

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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