Beautiful Ones,

We are giving away from our generous hearts 3 SCHOLARSHIPS for a 6 month all- inclusive paid-in full Source Seed teachings! Woohoo 🎊


💫Weekly transmissions & activations with the Source Seed Mentors

2 x Monthly Channeled Transmissions with Livia Devi and the Arcturian Council of Light
2 x Monthly LIVE Quantum Group Coaching Calls with Source Seed Mentors Alex & Mel

so you can receive every week a powerful blessing of teachings and codexes of Light

💫Access to 50+ hours of additional free resources and and all recordings in the members site ( for as long as you are part of Source Seed)

💫A community of Starseeds from all around the world, where friendships are formed and strong connections are made fully anchored in co-creating a New Earth. We are offering private facebook and telegram groups and a very beautiful interactive space.

💫Energetic Upgrades done behind the scenes day & night for entire time you are part of the container

💫24/7 Online Support via the private facebook group with Alex available to answer your questions in a timeline manner.

If this is EXCITING FOR YOU and YOU WANT to apply for Scholarships, HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO:

1. SIGN UP to the Starseed Earth Alliance event at the link below:

2. JOIN OUR EVENT GROUP at the link below:

Once you're in the Facebook group please comment on the WELCOME POST with where you are in the world and what you're most excited about receiving in this 3-Day live event. This welcome post will be pinned to the top and easy to find.

Please note, you MUST comment on this post as part of your application. We want you to engage in the Starseed community and build connections!

3. Share TWO (2) of our social media posts about the Source Seed Scholarship and/or Starseed Earth Alliance Event to your Facebook and/or Instagram STORIES AND -

3.1 Tag ONE (1) friend you think would benefit from a Source Seed Scholarship AND -

3.2 Please tag the Source Seed Mentor/speaker who shared this opportunity and event with you (so either Mel Garrity, Alex Buta or Livia Devi ).

3.3 THEN, please take a screenshot of your story and share that screenshot inside the Starseed Earth Alliance Facebook Group under the 'Share your Story Screenshot' post (which will be pinned to featured posts at the top of the page and easy to find).

Please note, our team will be checking that each person applying for 1 of these scholarships has shared 2 screenshots in the 'Share your Story Screenshot' post.

Once you complete all 3 steps we will add your name to the Scholarship list and Livia will announce the 3 winners LIVE at the end of day 3!

LET'S PLAY! 🎊❤💫❤

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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