Source Seed is a beautiful community members only program, where Starseeds around the world are receving interdimensional teachings from Star Nations and the Arcturian Council of Light through Livia Devi, Alex Buta and Mel Garrity .

Source Seed is bridging teachings from 3D-5D helping lightworkers to connect to different Galactic Councils, activate their 4D-5D abilities, access the quantum field and come together to elevate the frequency of Gaia.

Source Seed is a Galactic Hub, A place of Gathering for all Starseeds on Earth, a community space of ascension, evolution, expansion and co-creation with Galactic Families of Light.

On the 26th, 27th and 28th of September 2022 Hawaii time we are inviting everyone to:


a FREE ONLINE LIVE event introducing Source Seed teachigs, its mentors and a beautiful interactive space filled with joy, happiness and play while we transmit advanced codexes of light.

If you didn't sign up yet to the event, here is the link to register or in linktree BIO:

If you are exited to receive 1 of the 3 Scholarships here is what you need to do:

✔️ Register to Starseed Earth Alliance Event

✔️Join the Event private FB Group at the link below

Once you're in the Facebook group please comment on the WELCOME POST with where you are in the world and what you're most excited about receiving in this 3-Day live event. This welcome post will be pinned to the top and easy to find.

✔️Share TWO (2) of our social media posts about the Source Seed Scholarship and/or Starseed Earth Alliance Event to your Facebook and/or Instagram STORIES AND -

Tag ONE (1) friend you think would benefit from a Source Seed Scholarship AND -

Please tag the Source Seed Mentor/speaker who shared this opportunity and event with you (so either Mel Garrity, Alex Buta, or Livia Devi).

THEN, please take a screenshot of your story and share that screenshot inside the Starseed Earth Alliance Facebook Group under the 'Share your Story Screenshot' post (which will be pinned to featured posts at the top of the page and easy to find).

Please note, our team will be checking that each person applying for 1 of these scholarships has shared 2 screenshots in the 'Share your Story Screenshot' post.

Once you complete all 3 steps we will add your name to the Scholarship list and Livia will announce the 3 winners LIVE at the end of day 3!

LET'S GOooo! 🎊❤💫❤

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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