Why Evolving Consciousness Is Not For Everyone?

Because it takes courage to face the deepest layers of the subconscious mind and integrate aspects that were suppressed or hidden.Many are desiring to shift & transform but when the time comes for this to happen, the fear of the unknown will paralyze the body and the mind will find 1000 reasons why not to do it.Self-Mastery requires courage, determination, devotion, self-responsibility, self-ownership, commitment, never giving up, taking risks, and plunging into the unknown.There are no anchors when we Quantum Shift and accelerate through Time and Space.There is no guarantee, that you will make it.But there is only one pill (the red one) a one-way road, a chance, an opportunity, an invitation, a halfway meeting.Navigating interdimensional realms of existence is an exciting journey we take with no baggage( no lower densities in our bodies, no suppressed emotions, fear, or trauma).We are traveling “Light” as the Higher Consciousness is teaching us how to navigate the quantum field, how to co-create with the Laws of the Universe, and how to become deliberate, intentional, aware, and completely awaken.Many are preferring their comfortable sleeping or half-asleep lives because ” it makes sense”, “it’s” logical”, ” controllable” and ” predictable and safe”.But once you pierce through the illusion of reality and realize how limiting, unhappy, and unfulfilling that existence was for your Heart & Soul you will celebrate taking the journey as you are not blindfolded anymore.You will celebrate not living in limiting illusionary realities and receiving the infinite potential of your existence.This is why Evolving Consciousness is for The Ones and not for EveryOne.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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