Starseed Accelerated Ascension

Ease Into Understanding Your True Potential with Level 1.

Unwrap the gift of the first 5 lessons in Starseed Accelerated Ascension’s Level 1—a celestial journey to discover your true potential. Join our membership to connect with your inner essence, explore the Arcturian Council, and access invaluable resources for self-discovery. Guided by Livia Devi, engage in introspective rituals and forge lasting connections. Contribute to the greater good with Written Guidance Lessons and personal endeavors, mastering resilience and personal growth. In our vibrant community, broaden your horizons as you explore diverse pathways. Your first 5 lessons await—a special present for your journey.


Don’t let this opportunity to transcend your inner journey pass you by—join us today and embark on a voyage of personal and profound self-enrichment.

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