Starseed Accelerated Ascension

Ease Into Understanding Your True Potential with Level 1.

Unlock a deeper connection with your inner essence by becoming a part of our Starseed Ascension Membership group today. Immerse yourself in the magic of the universe as you discover the Arcturian Council and the unity you’ve yearned for. Tap into an array of priceless resources, wisdom, and guidance to nurture your profound self-discovery. Follow along at your own pace as Livia Devi, herself, guides you on your expedition. You’ll partake in meaningful introspective rituals like meditation, self-evaluation and intense contemplation. Forge enduring bonds and associations with kindred spirits. Contribute to the greater good through our Written Guidance Lessons and personal engagement endeavors, allowing you to find a profound sense of purpose. Master strategies for resilience and personal growth. Broaden your horizons by exploring diverse pathways and viewpoints within our vibrant community.


Don’t let this opportunity to transcend your inner journey pass you by—join us today and embark on a voyage of personal and profound self-enrichment.

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