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Here you can find FREE Activations and Q&A with Livia Devi and the Arcturian Council of Light

11:11 Quantum ACTIVATION

Align with your inner trinity within and tap into an accelerated timeline of bringing into form your heart's desires.

light body activation

Elevate your consciousness to the 4D bridge and prepare you to receive even more advanced codes of evolution.


In less than 17 minutes this Column Of Ascension Meditation will have you protected, amplified, and open to receiving.

3rd eye activation

Activate your 3rd Eye Chakra and open yourself up to receive more of what's already available to you.

quantum consciousness

Quantum Consciousness New Earth Activation Accessing a New Template of Existence.

dna activation

Accelerate the release of the 3D templates and intergenerational inherited data not serving your evolution in this lifetime.

Unplug from the 3D matrix and activate your DNA so you can align with the 5D New Earth Template and access more of your soul mission and purpose during this mass 5D Ascension.