Barbara Kasser

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June 2024

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6 month wealth consciousness journey

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Flexible financing solutions offered to clients based in the US and Canada.

Embark upon a mystical masterclass, an enchanting Coded Transmission that shall weave realms, elevating your Consciousness to the most opulent Timeline of Abundance & Wealth, unfurling profound insights into the mysteries of 5D Business, while gifting you with tangible arcane implements to promptly transmute your service into the realm of the fifth dimension.

Elevate your connection.

Enter the Infinite Quantum Grid

Discover the hidden potential of the quantum wealth grid. Learn to apply its principles to your business and life, unleashing ease, creativity, and abundance in your journey to success.

Activate Your Divine Soul Mission

Expand your ability and capacity to receive, hold, and embody 5D Business Templates and formulas. Elevate your business to match the frequency of higher consciousness.

Forge a Legacy of Prosperity

Discover the hidden potential of the quantum wealth grid. Learn to apply its principles to your business and life, unleashing ease, creativity, and abundance in your journey to success.

Maximise every interaction.

Integrate 5D Business Foundations

Master the art of integrating and expanding on the 5D Business Foundations and Quantum business Systems. Gain the knowledge and tools to thrive in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Elevate Your Impact

Your journey is not just about personal success – it’s about leaving a legacy for generations to come. A quantum business supports your dream lifestyle while fulfilling your soul’s mission.

Seize Your Moment

Don’t let valuable opportunities slip away. Embrace true wealth and abundance with the Wealth Consciousness Mastermind. Unleash your potential, transform your business, and create a future without bounds.

Is this Mastermind for you?

Discover your true potential and elevate your consciousness by joining the exclusive Wealth Consciousness Mastermind.

Together, we pave the way to an extraordinary future of abundance and fulfillment.

Are you

Searching For Balance?

Are you a determined and ambitious individual, both in business and family life, longing for a balanced lifestyle while rapidly expanding your business and wealth in new and expansive ways?

Ready to

Structure Spiritually?

Are you a New Earth missioned entrepreneur feeling the calling to establish 5D infrastructure such as 5D Schools, 5D Communities, and 5D Medical hubs to anchor the multidimensionality of the New Earth?

Build a

Lasting Family Legacy?

Are you a professional yearning to stand out, generate massive impact through service, and build an empire that will last for generations to come?

Soul Map

Effortless 5D business model?

Are you a business owner, executive, entrepreneur, or visionary with a burning desire to elevate your mission towards 5D service and create a more profound impact?

Monthly Coaching Sessions

5D Business Workshop & Activations
(6 Sesisons x 90 Min Each)

Dive deep into the 5D Business Model with Livia Devi’s expert guidance. Unlock the secrets to aligning your Vision, Values, and Visible Results with a transformative 5D framework to create generational wealth.

Practical Implementation Or Special Guest
(6 SESsions X 90 MIN EACH)

A hands-on demonstration of a direct, useful, and delightful manifestation. Or an appearance by a special guest with specific expertise.

Quantum Group Coaching Calls

Experience powerful coaching sessions that leverage the quantum energy to supercharge your growth. Gain insights, clarity, and breakthroughs as you navigate your journey to success.

Personalized Workbook

Wealth Consciousness Workbook

Stay on track and accountable with our meticulously designed workbook.

It will keep you focused and aligned with your goals throughout the program.

Work with our team & commnuity

Quantum Energy Integration Support

Behind the scenes, our team performs powerful quantum energy work to support the seamless integration of the codes and teachings you receive during the program.

Direct Live Interactions

Enjoy direct access to Livia Devi during Quantum Group Coaching Calls through a private Telegram group. Benefit from personalized support and guidance.

Private Member webSite

Become part of an exclusive community and enjoy lifetime access to invaluable resources. Stay connected with your fellow Masterminders, continually reinforcing your growth.

Private Wealth Consciousness Community

Connect with like-minded individuals in a private Facebook group. Share your questions and celebrate your victories in-between our extraordinary events.

Graduation Celebration

2024 graduation- 3 days live event in miami

Embark on an one of a kind experience in the picturesque landscape of a foreign location. Immerse yourself in immersive workshops and powerful interactions to expand your consciousness even further. (Flights, accommodation, and food not included.)

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