Wealth Consciousness Program


2023 is a preparatory year for the big Quantum Shift humanity will experience in 2024.  Many of you are waiting since 2012 for a major collective shift in consciousness that will catapult the human race to the next evolutionary stage of ascension & evolution.

While this transition will bring us closer to embodying New Earth Consciousness, many awakened Lightworkers are ready to step into a higher reality of Abundance & Impact and go beyond physical borders and limitations of the human mind and access, help & support more people on this planet's awakening & ascending.

It is time for more Lightworkers to hold the frequency of their Divine Soul Mission on Earth and come at the forefront, leading & pioneering collective realities, creating a legacy on this planet through living their Soul Purpose and building & architecting the New World.

The New Earth is not built only by 144,000 Ambassadors of Light sent on this planet to help humanity evolve their consciousness.

New Earth is built by every awakened & empowered being able to embody a high quotient of light and bridge quantum realities by holding 5D Frequencies.

I am guided by the Arcturian Council of Light to offer to a selected number of Souls a shortcut on how to build a 5D business, based on my past 19 years' experience in business & entrepreneurship.

If you are ready to BRIDGE realities, dimensions and timelines of existence actively & multidimensionality contributing to the reformation of a new world, I invite you to watch a FREE 2 Hour Transmission with Livia Devi (5D Abundance Codex Second Level of Accessing Wealth Consciousness Dimensional Existence) delivered on December 19th, 2022, as part of the Wealth Consciousness 4-week training.

This video, 5D Abundance Codex Second Level of Accessing Wealth Consciousness Dimensional Existence was part of the Wealth Consciousness 4-Week Quantum Training and is an introduction to the Wealth Consciousness - A 5D Business Program for New Earth Entrepreneurs.

If you are ready to step into your higher reality of abundance and impact, please book an enrolment consultation now:

Wealth Consciousness Program - The Details

Start date: March 1st, 2023
End date: August 31st2023

Wealth Consciousness is a 6-Month Business Program for:

-Lightworkers, Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs ready to learn how to create a long-lasting business foundation anchored in the highest realms of existence.

-For the Ones their missions are already activated, serving their immediate community and wanting to expand their services and create more impact.

-For the Missioned Souls here to create sustainable solutions & New Earth integrative systems to support the co-creation of the New World.

What Shall You Receive from the Wealth Consciousness Program?

  • 6 x 5D Business Workshops of 120 minutes with Livia Devi
  • 6 x Quantum Group Coaching Calls of 120 minutes with Livia Devi
  • 6 x Practical & Tech Hub Sessions with Livia Devi or a Livia Devi Global Coach
  • 6 x Integration Sessions with Livia Devi or the Arcturian Council of Light
  • Coded Membership site (and LIFETIME access for those who complete the program)
  • Wealth Consciousness Workbook
  • Private Facebook Coaching Group and Wealth Consciousness Community to post your questions and share your celebrations in between the events
  • Private Telegram Group for a direct live interaction with Livia Devi during the Quantum Group Coaching Calls     
  • Energy work done behind the scenes to support the integration of the codes and teachings you are receiving in the program.
  • And so much more....


  • 5D Soul Mission Business Foundation & Activation
  • Quantum Grids & Quantum Systems
  • 5D Soul Mission Brand
  • Product Creation & Activation
  • Soul-Mate Avatar Client Multidimensional Co-Creation
  • Quantum Marketing
  • Quantum Sales
  • Content Marketing/Social Media Marketing/E-mail Marketing
  • 5D Programs that serve your Community
  • How to create Value, Impact & Legacy
  • Building a Team & Community
  • 5D Abundance and 5D Money Frequency Intensive
  • And so much more ....

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