Wealth Consciousness Mastermind


We Begin July 17th, 2023

Wealth Consciousness is for the established and aspiring entrepreneurs that want to build and expand into a 5D Business Model while thriving in all areas of their lives.

For the ones looking to align their Vision, Values and Visible Results with a 5D business framework who are here to create generational wealth.

For the ones that understand that the Next Level of Impact can only be achieved by expanding their business beyond the threshold of their physical, mainstream reality and into the quantum grid of their unique multidimensionality.

Wealth Consciousness is ultimately for the ones here to merge their 3D Business with 5D Service and lead, be, and act from their Soul Purpose to serve globally.

Are you ready to THRIVE in Business and Life?

Consider this...

Are you successfully making money but not feeling wealthy and abundant? (Thriving in Business)

Are you prioritizing Success and not having time for Self-Care and your family? (Thriving in Life)

The gap between making money and being wealthy and abundant is monumental. 

When you’re making money you are constantly counting your pennies or overspending without respecting the value of money. You’re also likely looking to trade time for money or invest money in projects that are dependent on outside sources and circumstances.

When you're making money you might be feeling like you never have quality time for yourself or quality time with your family. You likely have stress related illnesses or a body that doesn’t function the way it’s supposed to.

Your sleep is impacted. Your vacations are never really vacations. Socializing is more about networking than making real emotional connections. Your phone is ALWAYS on and you are always reachable.

Your relationships suffer. Your physical, mental, and emotional health suffers. Time flies past you and you’re always thinking about how can I make more money and how can I keep it?

There is no OFF switch when you’re ‘making money.’

Chasing money serves no one. Not even yourself. Because you need to sacrifice so much in order to get it, and then keep it.

This is how we have been programmed to think about wealth. This is why most people have a ‘struggle mindset’ around money, even those who are already seemingly wealthy.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a new 5D wealth consciousness emerging and integrating into society.


The art of mastering the true meaning of wealth and abundance. The generational kind that allows you and your family to live a full and meaningful life while also being of service to others.

There is an undeniable aspect of 5D business and service that allows for your full potential to be reached with ease and creativity.

The quantum is infinite and everything is energy, this has been proven over and over again. 

How you tap into the quantum grid of limitless opportunities is what will set your wealth apart from struggling to abundant.

5D business and wealth consciousness is about understanding how the quantum wealth grid works and then mastering the art of applying it to your business and life.

It’s a tool and resource that only the most established and wealthy entrepreneurs know about, and no one is talking about it… until now.

This isn’t magic.

It’s physics, quantum physics.

It’s the law of nature and the law of attraction.

It’s science backed by the expansive quantum and universal laws.

When you combine your drive for 5D wealth consciousness and abundance with your current commitment and tenacity you’ll find a healthy balance that will leave a new legacy blueprint for future generations.

This is the new paradigm of business that will set you apart from the rat race.

This will break the ‘hard work pays off’ paradigm of business that has been part of your conditioning for years and open you up to expanding your business, impact, and wealth in ways you’ve only ever imagined (and then some).

If you’re reading this then you are searching for a new way to have your efforts work for you. You want your efforts to become more streamlined and simplified. You want your efforts to be aligned with the lifestyle you’re wanting while also running an extremely successful and profitable business.

A business that also represents your soul mission, your purpose for doing what you’re doing.

A quantum business allows for this. A 5D business will support this.

What we put out comes back to us ten-fold.

When we open our human mind to receive the quantum timelines that exist outside our one-dimensional reality, we realize we have been leaving so many valuable opportunities on the table.

If you are ready to access 5D wealth consciousness and quantum business principles then I want to invite you to start here:

Receive this FREE 2 Hour Transmission with Livia Devi (Second Level of Accessing Wealth Consciousness Dimensional Existence) delivered December 19th, 2022 as part of the Wealth Consciousness 4-week training.

Watch Livia's amazing Red-Carpet Interview at NewLife Expo in Boca Raton, FL on learning more about
Wealth Consciousness

Your Investment:

$35,000 USD
Reserve your spot TODAY for a $10,000 USD down payment

- Program starts July 17th, 2023!


If you're wanting to confirm that Wealth Consciousness is your next step in achieving generational wealth, abundance, and 5D business success, book your business strategy call with Livia today - appointments are limited!

Wealth Consciousness Mastermind - The Details

Are you a:

Business owner, executive, entrepreneur, or visionary looking to elevate towards a 5D mission service and create more Impact?

New Earth missioned entrepreneur feeling called to establish the 5D infrastructure (5D Schools, 5D Communities, 5D Medical hubs) needed to anchor in the multidimensionality of the New Earth?

Multiple 5 or 6 figure entrepreneur wanting to scale and stabilize in 6,7,8 figures and beyond?

Determined and ambitious business and family person desiring a balanced life while rapidly expanding their business and wealth in new and expansive ways?

Professional seeking a way to stand out, generate huge impact through service, and build an empire that will last for generations to come?

What You'll Receive from the Wealth Consciousness Mastermind...

  • 9 x 90 minute 5D Business Workshops with Livia Devi
  • 9x 90 minute Quantum Group Coaching Calls with Livia Devi
  • Coded Membership site (and LIFETIME access for those who complete the program)
  • Wealth Consciousness Workbook to keep you accountable
  • Private Facebook Coaching Group and Wealth Consciousness Community to post your questions and share your celebrations in between the events
  • Private Telegram Group for direct live interactions with Livia Devi during the Quantum Group Coaching Calls 
  • Quantum energy work being done behind the scenes to support the integration of the codes and teachings you are receiving in the program.
  • And so much more....

Deliverables - What's in it for you?

  • Livia Devi and her spirit guides; The Arcturian Council of Light as your business and mission advisors and mentors.
  • Uncovering and dismantling the subconscious beliefs and limitations that are keeping your business stuck in its current reality and blocking it from reaching its fullest potential of impact and wealth.
  • Quantum and energetic deprogramming of the deeper layers of your subconscious and re-writing a new abundance and wealth consciousness program.
  • Activating and accessing your Divine Soul Mission and linking it with your existing or new business ventures so you can amplify your services and financial remuneration. 
  • Develop and expand your ability and capacity for receiving, holding, and embodying 5D Business Templates and formulas.
  • Understanding and activating your 5D business Mission Grid in the quantum and linking it to your 3D business so you can truly take your business and wealth to the next level.
  • Understand, activate, integrate, and expand on the 5D Business Foundations and Quantum business Systems. 
  • Integrate into your business a 5D Business Model that is adaptable to all global changes and not affected by 3D economical and financial conditions.
  • Receive 5D Business Strategies for growth, scaling, and impact.
  • Understand and integrate into your business the New Earth Business model and concept so you can access more 5D Money, Abundance, and Wealth Consciousness.
  • And so much more…

What Our Clients Say...

"The Wealth Consciousness Training has been a very insightful and transformative journey, having a ripple effect in all areas of my life. The teachings, tools and activations were extremely impactful, and the effects are still ongoing with a significant increase in my capacity to receive and perceive abundance, and the release of worry clearly based on lack mentality and the letting go of guilt. I feel much lighter and have a renewed sense of freedom.

As for Livia’s approach... The words that come through are inspiration, devotion, love, pureness, humor. Thank you, Livia, for this amazing program."

~Pascale Landriault


"This course although offering revolutionary information and energetic upgrades, is also quite grounding. The organized and systematic presentations offered an opportunity to understand and embody the precious abundance codes while also having introspected time to honestly look at my own beliefs and limitations in correspondence to the ultimate way of BE ING the abundance itself...

Livia is very devoted and dedicated to serving humanity. This is obvious in her beautiful presence and high frequency smile and open heart. She creates a warm and personalized space to explore this vast quantum reality and explains things in a clear and tangible manner that is easily relatable..."

~Marie-Joelle Walker


"I wanted to share my deep gratitude for this amazing program and all of the teachings and energy that Livia shared. It is hard to put into words what this has meant to me and the profound shifts and clarifications I have already experienced.

Dreams of owning my own business resurfaced after forgetting about them for years and I am moving swiftly on my path to making them a reality. Thank you for helping me continue to build my confidence in my own power and gifts. The format of this program has allowed me to integrate the technologies and frequencies with ease."

~Kendra Smith

Budding Entrepreneur

Your Investment:

$35,000 USD
Reserve your spot TODAY for a $10,000 USD down payment

- Program starts July 17th, 2023!


If you're wanting to confirm that Wealth Consciousness is your next step in achieving generational wealth, abundance, and 5D business success, book your business strategy call with Livia today - appointments are limited!