Wealth Consciousness Mastermind


Wealth Consciousness is for those who are here to serve and stabilize the New Earth…

The New Earth is ALREADY here… and it’s calling all multidimensional 5D entrepreneurs and visionaries to help stabilize its frequencies through their 5D soul mission and service.

For years we’ve been talking about how the New Earth is coming.   In truth, when we take a moment to observe what’s happening around the world, we are witnessing that the New Earth has already arrived!

The old earth paradigm is crumbling and what no longer works or serves at the highest, is being dismantled which means we’ve reached an important pinnacle in our soul missions and purpose.

It’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to embody the depth and enormity of what we’re here to do.

Are you ready to shift your loyalty and commitment from your current reality to the New Earth reality that has descended upon us? Are you ready to show up in full authenticity to your 5D soul missions, dreams, goals, visions, and ability to create impact?

Are you ready, Dear One?

If you resonate with any or all of the below, I invite you to read further and feel into the call from the New Earth…

Get ready to BRIDGE realities, dimensions and timelines of existence actively & multidimensionality contributing to the reformation of a new world?  I invite you to watch a FREE 2 Hour Transmission with Livia Devi (Second Level of Accessing Wealth Consciousness Dimensional Existence) delivered on December 19th, 2022, as part of the Wealth Consciousness 4-week training.

This video, Second Level of Accessing Wealth Consciousness Dimensional Existence was part of the Wealth Consciousness 4-Week Quantum Training and is an introduction to the Wealth Consciousness - A 5D Business Program for New Earth Entrepreneurs.

If you are a multidimensional 5D entrepreneur or visionary here to help stabilize the New Earth through your expansive and abundant 5D soul mission and business, then The Councils and I invite you to book a friendly meet and greet call.

Wealth Consciousness Mastermind - The Details

Are you a:

  • Business owner, entrepreneur, or visionary looking to elevate towards a 5D mission service and create more Impact?

  • New Earth missioned entrepreneur feeling called to establish the 5D infrastructure (5D Schools, 5D Communities, Temples of Light, Sanctuaries of Ascension, 5D Medical hubs) needed to anchor in the multidimensionality of the New Earth?

  • Creative 5D innovator desiring to design and manufacture quantum technology and share them with the world?

  • Lightworker, soulpreneur, or entrepreneur devoted to your Divine Service, and wanting to access abundance and wealth consciousness that will allow your 5D business and mission to expand, scale, and grow exponentially?

  • Multiple 5 or 6 figure entrepreneur wanting to scale and stabilize in 6 and 7 figures?

  • If the frequency of the New Earth is calling to you then The Arcturian and Sirius Council and I are ready and excited to work with you in Wealth Consciousness.

    Wealth Consciousness is a New Earth Mastermind designed to connect Multidimensional Visionaries and Entrepreneurs with their higher consciousness, business, mission, impact, and wealth blueprint.

    It is a 5D business program for the awakened spiritual entrepreneur who is activated in their soul mission and has embodied their soul purpose to be of Divine service to the New Earth and all its inhabitants.

    It is for the devoted, committed, determined, conscious, and courageous beings that have already started their entrepreneurial journey and are ready for the next level of embodiment and limitless co-creation with the New Earth frequencies.

    For the ones that have been through the pains, trials, and tribulations of their healing journey.  And who have now gracefully embodied wisdom, maturity, and a surrendered understanding that a shift towards a higher consciousness implies a dissolution of old identities, subconscious programming, and limiting beliefs.

    It is for the ones ready to expand within and without, fully merge their divinity with service, and anchor in the New Earth through their business empires of light for humanity.

What Shall You Receive from the Wealth Consciousness Mastermind?

  • 9 x 5D Business Workshops of 120 minutes with Livia Devi
  • 9x Quantum Group Coaching Calls of 120 minutes with Livia Devi
  • 9x Pre-recorded Trance-Channeling Activations with the Arcturian Council of Light
  • Coded Membership site (and LIFETIME access for those who complete the program)
  • Wealth Consciousness Workbook
  • Private Facebook Coaching Group and Wealth Consciousness Community to post your questions and share your celebrations in between the events
  • Private Telegram Group for a direct live interaction with Livia Devi during the Quantum Group Coaching Calls     
  • Energy work done behind the scenes to support the integration of the codes and teachings you are receiving in the program.
  • And so much more....

Deliverables - What's in it for you?

  • Livia Devi and The Arcturian and Sirius Councils of Light as your business and mission advisors and mentors.
  • Uncovering and dismantling the subconscious beliefs and limitations that are keeping your business stuck in its current frequency reality and block it from evolving into its highest expression of giving and receiving.
  • Quantum Deprogramming of the deeper layers of your subconscious and re-writing a new abundance and wealth consciousness codex at cellular and DNA level.
  • Activating and accessing the Multidimensionality of your Divine Soul Mission so you can learn how to design and architect your transformational products, programs, and services in the Quantum Field.
  • Develop and expand your ability and capacity for receiving, holding, and embodying 5D Business Templates and 7D Technologies.
  • Activation of the multidimensionality of your Divine service and integration of your business into your ever-expanding 5D Mission Grid.
  • Activate, integrate, and expand on the 5D Business Foundations and Quantum Systems. 
  • Integrate into your business and mission a 5D Business Model that is adaptable to all changes and not affected by 3D economical and financial conditions.
  • Receive multidimensional Business Strategies for 5D growth, scaling, and impact.

  • Access a wide variety of 5D technologies, tools, and systems that will allow your business and brand to serve a variety of clients of the highest caliber for you and your soul mission.

  • Receive New Earth Business Activations and access more expansive realms of 5D Money, Abundance, and Wealth Consciousness.
  • And so much more…

What Our Clients Say...

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If you are ready to help stabilize the New Earth and make an impact with your 5D soul mission and business, we invite you to book a friendly meet and greet call.