Soul Mission Accelerator

A multidimensional journey that will have you walking a different, more purposeful path in just 3 short months.

We Begin July 18th, 2023!

Your soul came here with a plan. A mission. A purpose.

Your soul contract was signed, sealed, and delivered as your soul crossed the barrier between quantum space and earth.

And as you landed wholeheartedly in your mother’s womb, you promptly forgot everything as you began to transition into your human form.

Now it’s been years and you still feel a little lost. A little uncertain. A little unsure.

You feel there’s more to life than this. You feel in your heart of hearts that you’re here to DO something BIG.

You’re here to CREATE impact and change. You have a purpose, you know you do, and it’s not what you’re doing. It’s not THIS.

You’ve been through the ups and downs of life, healing trauma and finding your spiritual path. You’ve been releasing generational trauma, creating healthy boundaries with your relationships, and calling back your power.

You feel good about how far you’ve come and yet… there has to be more than this, right?

Consider this...

The world is unsettled. Paradigms are crumbling. And you feel as though you have so much to offer. You were put here on earth, at this time, to be part of something BIGGER than yourself.

And you would be right, dear one.

Beautiful soul, here’s the truth, the answer you’ve been seeking…

While your human forgot all about its soul mission when you transitioned from a free-form soul to a soul encased in a human, your DNA and genetic makeup did not.

There’s a perk to being human. Our DNA holds memories.

When we are born earth side, we are born with DNA that our soul has coded with memories.

Our soul codes our DNA with memories needed to support this journey on earth, so we can release what no longer serves us and remember WHO WE ARE... And what we’re here to do.

Our soul integrates our purpose, mission, soul blueprints, and soul contracts to be fulfilled throughout every fiber of our being so that one day… one day when we’re ready, we can find the key to unlock what’s been lying in wait all along.

When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Appears.

Your key awaits. All that’s required is for you to recognize WHO YOU ARE. All you need to do in this moment is acknowledge that YES, you are here to do MORE. You DO have a greater purpose. And double YES (yes), you ARE READY to activate your soul mission and finally step into the bigness that is your soul’s destiny.

has been created with you in mind.

It’s been lovingly crafted and pieced together as the bridge that will guide you from the matrix grid you are co-existing in, to the 5D New Earth grid you’ve been looking for.

Below is your adventure map where
marks the spot. The spot where your soul treasure has been hidden. The spot where you finally get to unlock the treasure chest that houses your soul mission, soul purpose, and legacy.

And that key we spoke about earlier…

YOU are the key. You always were. You’ve just never been shown the light, the truth, the wholeness of just how magical and cosmic you are, dear one.

If your soul is vibrating through your being and your heart is expanding as you read this, I invite you to embrace the frequency of divine timing, beautiful soul.

You AND your higher self have been asking for the next step. You’ve been asking for the magnitude of your soul mission to unfold so you can FINALLY feel fulfilled, whole, and with purpose.

Are you ready to radically and rapidly activate your soul mission so that you can start living your purpose NOW?

The pull you feel is because the energetic fields around planet earth are accelerating and amplifying in order to shift us into the 5D New Earth, and you are being called to activate your Divine Soul Mission now.

Do you consider yourself a gridkeeper, gatekeeper, starseed or lightworker?

It’s because your soul came here to do extraordinary work and you are awakening to the magnitude of your soul mission!

With everything that has been taking place around the world, the old matrix and 3D paradigm is being dismantled to make room for the expansion of a higher heart consciousness.

2023 is the last year of an intense 3-year cycle of fast transitions, transformations, and initiations.

You’ve been thrown off course so many times and forced to make big decisions and defining choices.

Now it’s time to reap the rewards of your hard work and dedication to yourself, your healing, your journey, and now, your best work yet… activating your Divine Soul Mission!

There are millions around the world only just awakening, and they NEED your heart consciousness and soul mission activated so that they too can awaken to their own soul mission with your help.

Soul Mission Accelerator - The Program

Work alongside Livia Devi, The Arcturian Council of Light and our Lemurian sisters and brothers as you receive:

1. The key to unlock the remembrance of your Divine Soul Mission in this lifetime

2. A New Earth Consciousness Blueprint Activation within your DNA strands to align with the New Earth frequencies, timelines, and realities

3. A Lemuria Civilization Blueprint Activation to awaken within you the remembrance and innovation of quantum technologies that will be needed in the New Earth 5D timelines

4. An activation of your Soul Blueprint, Soul Signature, and your Divine Soul Mission so that you become connected and integrated with your unique mission grid

5. Access to advanced 7D technology from the Arcturian Council of Light that will allow you to expand and nourish your soul mission further

6. An activation of your Light Bodies and Soul Consciousness so you can embody a higher frequency of light and access 5D templates of your unique soul mission codex

7. A cellular and biological rewrite of old programming and limiting beliefs which will open up your body’s systems for a deep connection with the zero point field of your mission and purpose

8. A release of your existing energetic matrix/gridding systems so they can be replaced with 5D light templates and allow you to hold more codes and people in your field

9. An activation of your 13 Chakra Systems, Pranic Tube, and a reprogramming of your Pineal Gland Crystal so you can continue to access deeper layers of your soul mission

10. A powerful 24 Portal Template Activation to access your multidimensionality so that your soul mission can be experienced through all timelines, throughout the quantum, and beyond

And so much more….

In this fast paced 3-month container you will be given access to:

3 x Activations & Quantum Group Coaching Calls with Livia Devi (alongside The Arcturian Council of Light)

6 x Pre-Recorded Quantum Transmissions and Activations

1 x Private Facebook Group to connect with your fellow aligned souls and support each other through this journey.

1 x Private Telegram Group chat to communicate in during your live calls

1 x Activated Membership Portal where all transmissions and activations are housed

1 x Soul Mission ACTIVATED once you’ve fully committed to and completed this fast paced, life changing SOUL MISSION ACCELERATOR program.

Your Investment:

If you’re ready to look back in 3 months and acknowledge how far you’ve quantum jumped from this moment, please say YES to your soul and its divine mission.

Originally $20,000 USD, this rapid transformation is now a one-time payment of $9,000 USD - that's a savings of $11,000... And a life-time investment in you and your soul mission.

It’s time for you to step INTO your greatness and assist the New Earth integration with your purpose.