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Unleash Your Soul's Calling

in Just 3 Months

Unveiling Purpose:
Essence Reconnection

Uncover your soul’s mission hidden within and rekindle your true essence.

Cosmic Blueprint:
Destined Potential

Embrace your unique purpose in the grand cosmic tapestry of existence.

Treasure Unlocked:
Limitless Potential

Tap into your hidden potential and step into your soul’s true purpose.

Cosmic Awakening:
Higher Consciousness

Rise to higher states of consciousness and illuminate the path for others.

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The Soul Mission Accelerator Experience

Partner with Livia Devi, a conduit of ancient wisdom and cosmic knowledge.

Alongside the 7D Arcturian Council of Light  you’ll receive an unparalleled introduction into the world of 5D Manifestation.

Growth topics:

Unleash Your Soul's Calling

Your journey began long before your first breath on this earthly plane. Your soul’s purpose, your mission, your contract—it’s all encoded within you. 

But amidst the chaos of life, you might have lost sight of your true essence. It’s time to reconnect, reignite, and radiate your soul’s brilliance.

Embrace Your Cosmic Blueprint

In a world of uncertainty, there’s a certainty that lies within: you were destined for more. You are part of a grander scheme, a cosmic tapestry woven with your unique threads of purpose. 

Remember, dear one, your DNA holds ancient memories, a roadmap to your higher calling.

The Key to Your Soul's Treasure

A hidden treasure awaits you—a treasure that aligns with your soul’s true purpose. You hold the key, and it’s time to unlock the boundless potential within. 

The Soul Mission Accelerator is your bridge, guiding you from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from the limited matrix to the expansive realms of the New Earth.

The Call of the Cosmic Tribe

Are you a Grid Keeper, a Lightworker, a Starseed? You sense the call because your soul resonates with the extraordinary.

 As the old world dissolves, your mission becomes clearer: Activate your Divine Soul Mission, and help others do the same. The stars have aligned for you to step into your role as a beacon of higher heart consciousness.

The Mastery of 5D Living

Embrace the transformative power of 2024—the culmination of a long cycle of growth, transition, and awakening. 

You’ve overcome challenges and made decisions that have led you to this juncture. Now, it’s time to harvest the fruits of your labor by unlocking your Divine Soul Mission.

Empowerment & Connection Program

what you Recieve:

6 Live Activations +
6 Quantum Group Calls

Engage in transformative live sessions and coaching calls that harness quantum principles to activate personal growth and empowerment.

6 Quantum Transmissions and Activations

Access a series of powerful pre-recorded transmissions and activations designed to tap into quantum energies and catalyze profound inner shifts.

Soul Mission Activation upon completion

Experience a transformation as your soul mission is awakened and empowered upon successfully completing the program, propelling you towards purposeful life endeavors.

Activated Membership Portal for resources

Gain access to an enriched membership portal that offers a plethora of resources, tools, and materials designed to support your ongoing personal development.

Private Facebook Group for soulful connections

Join an exclusive Facebook community where you can forge deep, soulful connections with like-minded individuals on a shared journey of self-discovery.

Private Telegram Group for live call interaction

Connect in real-time with fellow participants through a private Telegram group during live program interactions, enhancing engagement and support.

Grow with Livia

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, inner activation, and meaningful connections through live sessions, transmissions, and dedicated community spaces.


Unlock your Divine Soul Mission's remembrance.

Rediscover your soul's purpose and unlock the hidden wisdom of your Divine mission for a life of fulfillment


Activate your DNA's New Earth Consciousness Blueprint.

Elevate your consciousness and activate the encoded potentials within your DNA to align with the emerging frequencies of the New Earth.


Awaken Lemurian innovations within you.

Tap into the ancient wisdom of Lemuria to awaken innovative and intuitive abilities that lie dormant within your being.


Connect with your unique Soul Blueprint and Mission Grid.

Forge a profound connection with your individual Soul Blueprint and activate the intricate grid of your life's purpose.


Access advanced Arcturian 7D technology.

Journey into the advanced realms of Arcturian consciousness and leverage their 7D technology for personal growth and expansion.


Embody higher frequencies through Light Body activation.

Elevate your energetic frequency and embody higher states of being through the activation and attunement of your Light Body.


Rewrite limiting beliefs for a deep connection with your purpose.

Transform limiting beliefs that hinder your connection to purpose, allowing you to embrace a profound sense of alignment.


Embrace 5D templates for expanded potential.

Step into the 5th-dimensional templates of consciousness to unlock expanded potentials and possibilities in every aspect of life


Open your energy channels through chakra and gland activations.

Clear, balance, and activate your energy centers and glands, facilitating the free flow of vital life force for holistic well-being.


Access multidimensional experiences through powerful portal activations.

Journey beyond the confines of ordinary reality by accessing potent multidimensional experiences through the activation of energetic portals.


Dear beautiful Livia!

Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for this soul mission accelerator transmission. And for holding space for me to finally set myself free. It means so much to me. May all of you be blessed endlessly… there are no words to describe the gratitude I have for all of you especially you dear beautiful Livia.

The healing that happened was so strong and powerful that I felt it in my whole being. My heart exploded into rays of light with this feeling of freedom … many tears of happiness after the call. I had to lay down after and go into meditation. I felt how my body was releasing and at the same time all my cells were filling with so much light.

It was a huge breakthrough for me… Finally I feel ready to step into my soul mission so powerfully, knowing that I will be able to fulfill my soul purpose here on earth. Many blessing and love.

Amela Blue

When I met Livia I was at a point in my life where I thought nothing could surprise me. 

I have done hundreds of workshops and courses but the one thing I was missing was true embodiment and really experiencing the things I was learning.  Livia’s program Soul Mission Accelerator  gave me the opportunity to experience all of that. 

I was also able to connect the dots in my life path and start to feel that everything had happened for a reason. The beautiful part of the program is that Livia’s support is to guide You but at the same time gives You the empowerment to take action on your own. I was able to clear my blockages, stuck emotions and limiting beliefs so I could finally be able to receive my clear Soul Mission which is so individual and unique for everyone and of course can surprise You. The part of the program is to receive the highest vision of your Soul Mission timeline and when You are in this vision You start to feel this deep knowing where You are going this is priceless experience. 

During 3 months I have shifted my consciousness and become empowered enough to resign from work and start a new path. I would recommend Livia and her program to everyone who feels the calling and doesn’t want to spend another 10 year of searching for what your true mission is on our planet and how You can give to the world Your unique gift in order to support others in their evolution. I really feel It was a quantum shift for me and I am totaly differen person that I was before starting the program. 

I am thankfull and gratefull that I could be the the part of this container and take this beatufull yourney with Livia and other beautifull Souls

Daria Romanowska

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Flexible financing solutions offered to clients based in the US and Canada.

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