“Your journey of ascension, evolution, and expansion is meant to be effortless. Let grace take you to your highest timeline.”

-Livia Devi 

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Cosmic Consciousness Starseed Awakening



Quantum Consciousness Activating Multidimensionality



Wealth & Quantum Leadership Embodiment

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Course Level 1


Level 1 is designed for the awakening Starseeds here to take an accelerated journey of ascension & evolution and connect to their Soul and Star families guided by Livia Devi & The Arcturian Council of Light.
In Level 1, we are focusing on understanding the awakening, ascension and expansion process and how it is felt on all layers, levels and dimensions of the physical, emotional, mental, electro-magnetic and light bodies.

  • Heart Consciousness Activation 
  • StarSeed Ascension 
  • Quantum Tools & Technologies
  • 4D Bridge Teachings 
  • Activating Multidimensionality 
  • Physical Body Ascension 
  • Higher Self Embodiment 
  • Light Bodies Teachings 
  • 5D New Earth Teachings 
  • Star Council of Light Teachings 
  • Quantum Healing 

Course Level 2


Level 2 is created for the ascending 5D Visionaries here to co-create with the Higher Councils of Light the light infrastructure of the 5D New Earth timelines and learn how to become a deliberate co-creator of their reality.
In Level 2, we are focusing on learning how to navigate the Quantum Field, how to use Quantum Technologies and apply them in your day-to-day life by following a powerful set of teachings of integration and embodiment.

  • 7D Arcturian Quantum Technologies 
  • DNA Upgrades and Activation 
  • Activating 5D Visionary 
  • Quantum Architecture Teachings 
  • De-programming the 3D Matrix Templates
  • Subconscious deprogramming 
  • Christ Consciousness Embodiment 
  • Quantum Consciousness Activation 

Course Level 3


Level 3 is mapped for the embodied New Earth Ambassadors, here to activate advanced quantum leadership codexes of light, wealth and 5D money consciousness and build multidimensional empires of light on Earth.
In Level 3, you are fully guided by Livia Devi and the Arcturian Council of Ligh as you learn how to become the embodied 5D Leader here to serve the global community.

  • Quantum Leadership 
  • Leadership Foundation Activation 
  • Activating 5D Templates
  • Deprogramming Scarcity, Lack and Separation Consciousness’ 
  • 5D Abundance Activation 
  • 5D Money Frequency 
  • 5D Business Activation 
  • 6D Bridge of Consciousness Activation 
  • 12D Consciousness Activation 

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