Starseed Accelerated Ascension

“I admire you! Your program is so powerful, I can say it is a PhD on a galactic level. I feel the excitement to wake up in the morning and start the day with a beautiful activation and continue with discovering so much of who I am. I am becoming a version of you…”

Much gratitude and love,


12 Step-By-Step lessons

30+ Quantum Transmissions and Activations

30+ Written Activation Exercises

Bonus Transmission with Jerry Sargeant

In a collaborative effort, Jerry Sargeant and Livia Devi are offering a 4-hour workshop for galactic 6D activations, connecting participants to intricate grid structures in the sixth dimension around Earth.

This ascension journey promises a beautiful exploration of possibilities, unlocking dormant DNA, and revealing inner magic through engagement with higher energy.

The workshop, featuring unique 6D architecture and activations, aims to bring a paradigm shift, offering a fresh perspective on life and enhancing various aspects of existence.

Lesson 9: Light Bodies

Learn about Light Bodies, Descension, and elevating your frequency to embody 5D consciousness with insights from the 7D Arcturian Council.

2024 Golden Consciousness

Using advanced quantum technologies, the 7D Arcturian Council of Light, 12D Sirius Council of Light and the Great Central Sun…

Connecting with Soul and Star Families

This is for the awakening Starseeds here to take an accelerated journey of ascension & evolution and connect to their Soul and Star families guided by Livia Devi & The Arcturian Council of Light. 

Journey of Awakening and Expansion

We are focusing on understanding the awakening, ascension and expansion process and how this is felt at all layers, levels and dimensions of the physical, emotional, mental, electro-magnetic and light bodies.

Financing and payment plans availables for the US and Canada, subject to qualification.

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