Livia Devi presents

Lesson 12:

Quantum Deprograming of the 3D Template and Activating the 4D/5D Template

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Video Length: 1 Hour : 14 minutes

Trance-channeling transmission


 Embark on a transformative journey as we delve into the realm of quantum deprogramming and activation. In this groundbreaking exploration, we unravel the constraints of the 3D templates, liberating the mind from limiting beliefs and societal conditioning. 

Through the application of quantum principles, we transcend conventional boundaries, paving the way for activating higher-dimensional 4D/5D template. 

Brace yourself for a paradigm-shifting experience as we harness the power of quantum phyics to unlock new dimensions of consciousness, enabling profound personal and collective evolution.

Written Guidance:

Integration & Embodiment



Activate Your Column of Ascension Daily 



Integrate in the next 7 days this Trance-Channeling Activation and observe your new thoughts and how you respond to your reality.



Write in your notebook the changes you are observing in your inner and outer reality.

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