Livia Devi presents

BONUS: Starseed Activation

A Quantum Journey to meet your Soul & Star Family

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Video Length: 2 Hours : 19 minutes

Over two hours of profound teachings on:


 The transformative Starseed Journey, navigating the realms of ascension, initiation, overcoming challenges, and accessing portals of awakening.

 A potent Quantum Starseed Template Activation, forging a direct connection through the stargate of the heart, linking souls with their Star Families.

 Unveiling the essence of one’s galactic connection, an integral aspect woven into the fabric of each Soul Blueprint.

The activation of DNA Star Codexes, propelling the swift remembrance of innate skills, talents, and memories from past lives on distant planets. These activations serve to unveil one’s purpose and mission on Earth, drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences across the cosmos.

Written Guidance:

Integration & Embodiment



Activate Your Column of Ascension Daily 



Integrate in the next 7 days this Trance-Channeling Activation and observe your new thoughts and how you respond to your reality.



Write in your notebook the changes you are observing in your inner and outer reality.

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