THe Path


The Vision

My vision is to awaken the soul blueprint of divine service within all light beings having a human experience through activating soul missions, upgrading individual channels and quantum connections, and amplifying the power of co-creation with source.

The Mission

My mission is to connect missioned souls with their own vision and teach them the art of mastering heart and wealth consciousness, quantum technology, multidimensionality, and co-creation with higher realms so they may be of divine service and become a catalyst for other New Earth leaders to embrace their full potential and support earth’s shift into higher timelines.

The Approach

Livia’s mentorship goes beyond conventional methods as she not only brings through her own wisdom and experience but the eternal and infinite wisdom and experience of her spirit guides and The Arcturian Council Of Light. Together, they unite the human experience with the soul’s expansion in a beautiful dance of integration, embodiment, and amplification. It is not just about acquiring knowledge; it is about aligning with one’s soul mission and mastering the art of co-creation with source. Livia’s paradigm-breaking quantum techniques challenge conventional beliefs and take her clients on a profound exploration of their soul mission and purpose.

In her channeled group programs and activations, Livia activates knowledge on quantum technology from the 5th and 7th dimensions within every soul who says yes to working with her and The Arcturian Council of Light. She delves into the embodiment of multidimensionality, teaching her clients how to navigate different realities and timelines. Through co-creating with source and civilizations from the higher realms of existence, she opens up new realms of possibilities and potential for every missioned soul here to be of divine service. This mentoring goes beyond the boundaries of the physical world and taps into the limitless capabilities of the human soul.

Through activating soul missions, upgrading individual channels and quantum connections, and amplifying the power of co-creation with source, I help lead the way for New Earth leaders to embody their true potential and co-create from the heart.

- Livia Devi

Meet Livia

A Little about me

Livia’s dedication and service-to-others are evident in her role as a catalyst for the emergence of embodied New Earth leaders. Those who are ready to activate their soul mission, embrace this new era of human evolution, and co-create from the heart find in Livia a mentor and guide. Her mentorship not only equips individuals with knowledge and skills but also fosters a deep sense of divine purpose and soul connection to the greater cosmic tapestry. 

Through her guidance, awakened beings of light remember who they truly are in this lifetime and through all eternity, unlocking their soul mission and contributing to the expansion and elevation of the collective consciousness of humanity. With Livia’s assistance, her clients are empowered to embody their roles as co-creators of a harmonious and enlightened world.




Personal & Spiritual Alignment

Guided by spiritual wisdom, Livia helps clients discover their true selves and find alignment with their higher purpose.


Quantum Technology & Multidimensionality

Through group channeling Programs, Livia imparts knowledge on quantum technology, navigating different realities, and understanding multidimensionality.


Paradigm-Breaking Teachings

Livia challenges conventional beliefs, leading clients on a profound exploration of their inner being and expanding their perspectives.


Co-Creation with Higher Realms

Livia teaches how to co-create with civilizations from higher realms, opening up new possibilities beyond the physical world.


Catalyst for New Earth Leaders

Livia’s dedication to service and mentorship empowers individuals to embrace a new era of human evolution and living from the heart.


Unlocking Full Potential

With Livia’s guidance, clients learn to become the best versions of themselves, contributing to the collective consciousness and co-creating a harmonious world.

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