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Lesson 12: Quantum Deprograming of the 3D Template

Livia Devi presents Lesson 12: Quantum Deprograming of the 3D Template and Activating the 4D/5D Template Back to Main Lessons Video Length: 1 Hour : 14 minutes Trance-channeling transmission Focus:  Embark on a transformative journey as we delve into the realm of quantum deprogramming and activation. In this groundbreaking exploration, we unravel the constraints of […]

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Lemuria 5D grid hawaii

I remember first time I visited Hawaii in 2019, how I felt electricity rushing through my body deeply knowing these islands are my home.In 2021 I moved permanently to Hawaii, a dream come true and a mission home base established.I am deeply connected to the Spirit of each island, as I lived on all of

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Egypt technology

I remember an endless number of incarnations in Egypt and many people I’ve met in this lifetime, I signed Soul contracts with since then.In the past 6 days I collapsed so many Egyptian timelines and dissolved agreements from the highest libraries of light, retrieving my energy back in my Soul matrix.Hathor/ Sekhmet and Ra are

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Ready to impact the world?

For thousands of years, visionaries brought humanity to the next level of evolution by holding frequency realities not yet available to everyone.Excelling in different fields of activities these souls were always initially misunderstood and often criticized, only to later be acknowledged as ahead of their time and innovative visionary leaders.The evolution of human consciousness accelerated

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The honor code

How many of you are waking up every morning, embodying your Higher Self, having meetings with Advanced Civilizations and Galactic Federation of Light and living your Divine SOUL MISSION?How many of you, have the DISCIPLINE to maintain a pure body, soul and heart and always align the Frequency or your Being with higher dimensional realms?How

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