5.5 portal full moon eclipse

Are you ready for an UPGRADE?This Full Moon Eclipse brings a massive shift in all areas of your life, upgrading your relationships, partnerships, collaborations, finances and allowing new energies to bless your life.Its truly asking each and one of you to let go of the old and let the new in, if you want to ride the highest waves of alignment & opportunity.Its a moment in time & space you want to open your Heart and Receive Effortlessly your Blessings, while releasing the timelines & realities that limited your life experience.Are you ready to play Big?Are you ready to live your Highest Excitement?Are you ready to be the Change the world is praying for?Are you ready to become the New Version of Self?If YES, choose the UPGRADE, right here, right now.Go through this Portal with your 5D Visions and Massive Dreams in your Heart and let them materialize, while you quantum shift into the highest frequency timeline your body is able to hold.Be fearless and stay in your Heart!This is your Time!And if you want to take the Quantum Leap with the Arcturian Council of Light and I, join us in Soul Mission Accelerator Program at the link below.https://info465a91.clickfunnels.com/soul-mission…2 Spots left as the enrolment ends on Monday, May 8th 2023.Book your complimentary call here:https://liviadeviglobal.as.me/schedule.php…And Let’s make 2023 the most magical year of your life!Many Blessings,Livia Devi 

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