Leading from the feminine energy

Real feminine energy doesn’t compete, compare and conform.She is not bringing her inner war into outer or joining the masculine race for power, money, fame, status, validation.She is not taking masculine identities to fit in patriarchal societies that rule & control her life.She is not putting on her ” brave pants” everyday playing the 3rd density game of survival.She is moving SLOW in linearity and faster than the speed of light in the quantum field.She is fearless, brave and embodying WISDOM in every cell of her being.Her power stays in her femineity, GRACE, softness, heart consciousness, cosmic womb and connection to Source.The feminine LEADER understands the more open her heart is the greatest her impact.She is changing people’s lives through her presence only, beingness, authenticity, rawness, openness and receptivity.She keeps an innocent smile and kindness in her eyes, compassionately seeing everyone and judging nobody.She is the one who KNOWS, the Wisdom Keeper of Divine Feminine Frequency.Lead with and from your Feminine Energy and let your inner beauty be SEEN by the world.Receive effortessly,Livia Devi 

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