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How many of you are waking up every morning, embodying your Higher Self, having meetings with Advanced Civilizations and Galactic Federation of Light and living your Divine SOUL MISSION?How many of you, have the DISCIPLINE to maintain a pure body, soul and heart and always align the Frequency or your Being with higher dimensional realms?How many of you are DEVOTED to your Ascension, Evolution, Expansion and to REMEMBERING eons of Earth and other planets incarnations to SERVE the human race?I would say, not many…Dear Lightworkers you came to Earth for a reason.Your incarnation in this life-TIME was perfectly calculated, orchestrated and aligned for your AWAKENING and FULL ACTIVATION of your SOUL PURPOSE.You are here to AWAKEN and EVOLVE your consciousness to create a QUANTUM impact through all timelines and dimensions.You are here to ACTIVELY support and GUIDE the human race toward 4D bridge and 5D New Earth timelines.I am here to directly impact 754,000 Arcturian Souls and millions of other STARseeds and STARraces ambassadors in human form.What are you here for?If you are guided by your Heart & Soul to fully ACTIVATE yourself JOIN US inSoul Mission Accelerator A 3 months fast paced program filled with: Daily energetic upgrades, as you are placed into an Accelerator Technology for 90 days will have you shift at cellular level Advanced Trance- Channeling and Conscious Channeling Transmissions, Activations, Upgrades with 7D Arcturian Council of Light, 12D Sirius Council of Light and 5D Lemurian Council, 5D New Earth Human Civilization to help you embody 5D consciousness Conscious Channeling Workshops and Quantum Group Coaching with Livia Devi, to help you bridge all layers, levels and dimensions of your Soul and Human consciousness. A community of global lightworkers supporting each other in this journey and a place where you are guided, loved and supported for the entire program directly by Livia Devi. A membership site with all these timelines and powerful transmissions yours to Keep for LifeANDA very special GIFT  for the Soul that understand the importance of activating their Soul Misson and living in their Purpose 55% OFF the value of the program, for a limited time.SIGN UP at the link below:…Many Blessings,Livia Devi  

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