How soul mission accelerator was built from 369 formula

When I returned from Miami last month, the Arcturian Council of Light told me:”We are creating an interdimensional bridge for everyone is taking the journey with us in Soul Mission Accelerator”While saying that, the Council was showing me a big Sphere of Light and mathematical sequences of 360, 180, 90, 45, 22.5, 11.25 asking me:”Do you know what that is?”I stayed with it for a while and answered:”A pattern”.And they said ” Yes, but look more”And they start showing me different sacred geometries within the sphere, super fast until everything dissolved into nothingness.And they continued:”This is the acceleration CODE that will allow consciousness to quantum shift beyond the parameters of time & space. Its number 9 for you and the sound of creation for us”.This is when I realized, they build an entire 369 interdimensional engine in the grid of the program allowing the co-creative experience to go to the next level.Soul Mission Accelerator is a fast paced 3 months quantum transformation with 3 transmission a month with the Arcturian Council of Light and I.Its a Program that defies the laws of physics, taking quantum science to the next level of experimental consciousness embodiment.Its a Multidimensional Soul Journey, Activating, Expanding, Amplifying, Connecting and Revealing New Earth worlds & higher dimensional realms.Its a unique Alignment to co-create with an advanced 7D Civilization of Light and bridge with another dimension of existence.If you want to GET READY for the Accelerator, I am offering an introduction to this program through 5 FREE Transmissions and Activations to prepare your physical, emotional, electro-magnetic & light bodies for the ride.Click the link below to receive the FREE transmissions: if you are ready to go all in, book your spot at the link below:…Many Blessings,Livia Devi 

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