Four eleven 4|11|23 manifestation portal

Welcome to one of the most powerful energetics day of the year where you can blossom in your desired alignment!If you are already living in quantum realities and have observed the dilation of time & space, today the quantum waves are creating a merge between now & future- now timelines.With other words, we are all presented with a shortcut to RECEIVE the highest outcome of our preferred, chosen, co-created, already manifested reality.Here are 4 STEPS TO ALIGN TO THIS PORTAL:1. RELEASE the resistance towards your preferred reality and the object of manifestation2. CONNECT to your Heart Consciousness and the Love that you are3. CO-CREATE with your Soul and Source within you the alignment4. RECEIVE what you are ready and allow yourself to receiveAnd if you want to learn more, click the LINK below  to receive more guidance from the Arcturian Council of Light and I on how to ACCELERATE your journey and always live in the Abundant Flow of Manifestation! Blessings,Livia Devi P.S For more content please JOIN Livia Devi Global Community at the link below:

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