Are you a spiritual entrepreneur with a 3D job?

Why not all spiritual entrepreneurs are able to live from their gifts and talents?Why so many of the awakened & gifted ones returned to 3D realms to financially support themselves and their families?Why only a few “are making it” abundantly thriving in their Soul Missions and others are not?If you feel abandoned, frustrated, struggling to attract clients or sell your programs, I am here to guide you, bring value & offer you some solutions will transform your life.Let’s first talk about your Soul Mission…but before we do that…Let Go of the resistance, automated default answers you might have and the thought ” I am already on my Soul Mission”.Let go of the ego and read with new eyes.If you were, you wouldn’t be in scarcity, lack or experiencing hardship.So, what does it mean to be on your Divine Soul Mission?It means you are fully ACTIVATED into SERVICE at multidimensional level.It means you are in a continuous FLOW of ABUNDANT OPPORTUNITIES that serves you and your clients at the highest level.It means you are DIVINELY ALIGNED with your HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS and HIGHER INFINITE REALMS.It means you are CO-CREATING with ADVANCED CIVILIZATIONS OF LIGHT and not with your mind, ego and subconscious programming.It means you are LISTENING.And so much more….There are 3 GOLDEN M’s at the core of all thriving spiritual SERVICES:1. MISSION2. MESSAGE3. MONETIZATIONWhen you are on your Mission, you are able to share with the world your UNIQUE Message and Codexes of Light and be financially rewarded for that.All of these might sound very simple, but its not.This is where people are mistakenly taking things for granted, when there are MASSIVE QUANTUM TRANFORMATIONS BEHIND IT.Many believe, they are in 5D CONSCIOUSNESS if they understand the concepts, vocabulary and 5D language. Those people will continue having a 5D conceptual experience while OTHERS….more humble, more open and more curious will truly start taking the journey and embody 5D CONSCIOUSNESS, which I guarantee you is far beyond being simple and easy.If you want TO TAKE THE JOURNEY understanding there is no ” faking till you make it” when it comes to REAL CHANGE.I would like to introduce you to some FREE Activations my team is preparing for you, as an introduction to:SOUL MISSION ACCELERATOR A 3 Month Transformational Program for the REAL ONES.Comment below with ” READY” and we will send you more info on these powerful transmissions.Many Blessings,Livia Devi 

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