One way ticket to your divine soul mission

Consciousness travels through time and space, faster than the speed of light in immeasurable ways for the human mind.In that space of transcending form, physical reality, time, space, coordinates of your intentional focus, everything slows down the faster we go.Inter-dimensional travel has been accessed by the human civilization in its 5D expression, as a way to learn about dimensional existence and multiple Earth words available to us.When we quantum shift realities, we are travelling with a one way ticket as, timelines collapse once we move our focus, attention and energy to the next breath and moment.We can’t go back to where we started, as memories are changing and everything is re-shaped to validate the new timeline as being REAL.If you want to ACCESS your HIGHEST TIMELINE and consciously LEARN how to shift trough time and space and teach others how to QUANTUM JUMP.If you are looking to ACCELERATE your EVOLUTION, ASCENSION, EXPANSION and EMBODY your DIVINE SOUL MISSION on Earth.If you are here to share your abilities, talents, Soul Signature, build networks & communities and make an IMPACTI invite you to a VERY SPECIAL PROGRAM I created for you called:SOUL MISSION ACCELERATORI am so beyond excited about this inter-dimensional bridge I created with the Arcturian Council of Light for YOU, that I need hundreds of pages and days to write everything this program is as FREQUENCY and gift for humanity.If you are interested to KNOW more, comment below with ” Soul Mission Accelerator” and I will send you more details.Many Blessings,Livia Devi @daniel.sun___

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