Planetary alignment March 28th 2023

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus are aligning in the night sky creating an arc form along with the moon, after sunset tomorrow.This alignment gives an incredible opportunity for everyone to quantum shift parallel and alternate timelines into higher frequency realms.Here is a Quantum Exercise you can do, to shift your consciousness into new more aligned worlds:1. Make time tomorrow afternoon and watch the sunset. If there is no sun on the sky, do this exercise anyway as its connecting you to the Great Central Sun.2. Gaze at the sun and let the golden light frequency to infuse your physical body, energetic bodies and light bodies.3. Activate your Column of Ascension and plug it on 5D New Earth Consciousness.4. Connect your Heart Consciousness individually with each planet Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter Uranus and receive their unique frequency in the Central Chamber of your Heart.5. Invite the 5D New Earth into your Heart as well and let the alchemy of all these planets open a portal/ stargate/ gateway 5 meters in front of you.6. Choose your destination: higher timeline and reality and say your name…..7. Step through the portal and receive your new reality.8. Give thanks and gratitude to yourself and the planets that created the opportunity for you to inter-dimensional travel.Do this exercise once.Always in Alignment,Livia Devi & The Arcturian Council of Light 

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