What is your capacity to hold?

When it comes to our Frequency, Wealth & Abundance, Love everything depends on how much we can hold.And when I say “hold” I am not speaking about how resilient we are to burdens, trials, tribulations or challenges..BUT how EXPANDED our energy field is to preserve, sustain, nurture and continuously elevate.I will give you an example:Raising your vibrational output is not hard, maintain it, is. Because it takes discipline, commitment and devotion to stay fully awaken, aware, conscious and not slide back into lower density thoughts, patters, subconscious ways of being and doing.Another example about Wealth & Money Frequency:If you have a subconscious scarcity program installed in your system/s you might be able to earn a lot of money but not able to hold it.If you grew up in an environment, when there wasn’t a lot of money, or you might have been told from a very young age that ” money will not be there for a long time, so don’t let it go to waste” as an adult, you will earn and irrationally spend.What does these 2 examples have in common?The capacity to hold a HIGH FREQUENCY and BIG AMOUNTS of 10x$ is connected to how your nervous system & subconscious mind is wired.Do you want to know one of the reasons, people are not able to hold onto it?Safety.The nervous system is not feeling safe to keep an elevated frequency or a high income and is giving it away immediately.If you want to deprogram & rewire your subconscious mind and start living your OWN LIFE not the life you have been programmed to live…comment below with “High Frequency”And I will send you some powerful Activations & Transmissions as an introduction to the amazing transformational program Soul Mission Accelerator.Many Blessings,Livia Devi 

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