Egypt technology

I remember an endless number of incarnations in Egypt and many people I’ve met in this lifetime, I signed Soul contracts with since then.In the past 6 days I collapsed so many Egyptian timelines and dissolved agreements from the highest libraries of light, retrieving my energy back in my Soul matrix.Hathor/ Sekhmet and Ra are guiding me since childhood. The message I always received is ” Father Sun is always with you, the endless love of creation will never leave you”.Even if some people tried to interfere in my life and create blockages using spells & Egyptian rituals from sacred texts, plugging into my multidimensional network…these people forgot “Sro”, ” The Power” is within me.Yesterday, Thoth visited me receiving a recalibration and rebalancing of my energy field.Egyptian Technology is powerful and in the wrong hands can open portals in the underworld. Don’t play with it, if you don’t know how to use it.I never use Lemurian, Atlantean, Egyptian technology without permission and guidance.There are levels of permission access to different levels of technology and interdimensional gatekeepers with complex protocols. Not something to take lightly.Its interesting how some used the Solar Eclipse energies the wrong way, trying to create waves.The more power is awakened within you, the more responsible you are of how you use it.Receive effortessly,Livia Devi 

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