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Welcome to New Earth: The Series – Now Showing on INFYNIT.TV

What is Infynit.TV?

I am beyond excited to have been invited to contribute to a powerful platform that is the first-ever conscious streaming platform for freedom of speech.

To be part of a community of #LightWarriors who have found a place where they can learn and grow together.

I want to invite you to take a moment and imagine this…

Imagine a world, where humanity was able to share its voice without censorship…

And without big corporate influence…

Now is the time to take back our freedom. Freedom of truth, speech, health, evolution, consciousness, and discovery.

We have a plan to save the world, to save humanity…

What if there was a platform for freedom?

A platform for all voices…

And a platform for unity…



This signal can’t be stopped.

Just imagine the possibilities for the world. Because together, we win.

I am so excited and honored to present to you, INFYNIT.TV

A platform where you can expand your consciousness. Awaken your vitality.

Watch the Infynit.TV Trailer below…

Introducing my new show and contribution to Infynit.TV…

As you may know, beautiful ones, my mission with the Arcturian Council is to activate 5D Leaders and Visionaries in their soul’s missions. To establish Unity Consciousness and anchor into the New Earth for all civilizations across all planes, all timelines, and dimensions.

And with this, I am so honored and blessed to introduce you to a new program that will be airing on INFYNIT.TV


New Earth ~ Bridge to A Multi-Dimensional Experience

As part of this multidimensional program, I will be having quantum conversation with global thought leaders creating a bridge towards the New Earth experience.

This program and these discussions are something that I hold dear to my heart and being as together we work to activate “Unity Consciousness” and assist in the mass awakening.

Consider this a safe place to anchor into the New Earth and recalibrate to our new timelines.

And what you will find is a collaboration and co-creation with other 5D Leaders and Visionaries who are missioned to provide insight, support, tools, resources, and activations for those who are unlocking their truths within.

Please, join me in receiving; New Earth ~ Bridge To A Multi Dimensional Experience

New Earth: Bridge To A Multi Dimensional Experience – The Trailer

New Earth Series – Episodes

Please join me as I have monthly in-depth discussions and collaborate with other 5D Leaders and Visionaries who are missioned to provide you with insight, support, tools, resources, and activations so you can unlock your truths within.

Join us live or watch the recorded episode via the INFYNIT.TV platform.


Episode 5: (Available on Sunday, February 26, 2023, 12am PST/3am EST) Divine Masculine Journey with Special Guest Clint X Morgan

Episode 4: (Released Sunday, June 12, 2022, 12pm PST/3pm EST) 5D Wealth and Abundance Consciousness with Special Guest Chris Howard

Episode 3:(Released Sunday, May 8, 2022, 12pm PST/3pm EST) New Earth 5D Communities with Special Guest Regan Hillyer

Episode 2: (LIVE Sunday, March 13, 2022, 12pm PST/3pm EST)A New Paradigm of Relating with Special Guest Oren Harris

Episode 1: (Now available on INFYNIT.TV!) Creating a New Earth Culture with Erai Beckmann

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