5D Wealth Consciousness

Abundance is available to everyone, but people are not ready to access it.And this is because humans are programmed to believe they need to work hard to receive wealth.In the meantime, every day we have at our fingertips unlimited resources, supreme health, and infinite abundance to live an incredible life.The ones breaking through their own limitations, beliefs, and the matrixes of conditioning are realizing wealth is the most accessible resource of all.When you have this awakening, insight, and realization your urge, needs, desires, attachments, judgments, and resistances around wealth dissolve and this is when abundance starts flowing in your life effortlessly.You start to co-create with 5D money frequency realities that are serving you and others with so much respect, gratitude, and appreciation towards your Inner Being and the Universe for the divine flow.I believe in a world where many people are unlocking their access to abundance, finally letting go of burdens, struggles, effort, and suffering and opening, allowing, receiving, and breathing in their realities, the wealth they deserve.For the ones, ready to receive and activate their 5D Wealth Consciousness I have a very special gift, many of you have waited for a long time:On Sunday, June 5th, 2022 at 6 pm Hawaii I am going to deliver a FREE ONLINE EVENT for all New -Earth co-creators, conscious entrepreneurs, lightworkers, shamans, energy healers, teachers, and mentors of all kinds and paths ready to activate new codexes of light within.This event is called:5D Soul Mission and Abundance Activationand I am streaming LIVE from Honolulu, Hawaii a powerful transmission will shift your consciousness and place you in a new higher timeline of your existence.This channeled event, has three powerful activations and one of them is:A UNIQUE ABUNDANCE ACTIVATION of your 5D inner codexes stored in your DNA will amplify and expand your capacity for receiving and giving.This will allow you to co-create with the laws of the Universe effortlessly in your manifested reality and will be guided by the 12D Great Central Sun Council of LightThis event is the prework for EVOLVING CONSCIOUSNESS- A JOURNEY FOR 5D VISIONARIESIf you didn’t book your spot yet, here is the link to register for the event:https://info465a91.clickfunnels.com/5d-soul…

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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