Another trip around the sun

Tomorrow is my birthday, but as in other parts of the world is already December 23rd, I start to receive so many beautiful birthday messages! WOW, what a year it has been! Deciding to move to Hawaii in August 2021 and sticking to my decision, made me fully commit to my long term stay in United States and taking my investor visa.Opening a company in Hawaii and starting a yoga & meditation center from scratch has not been easy but I learnt new ways of doing business.Launching Quantum Leadership, continuing Evolving Consciousness, introducing Wealth Consciousness along with many other beautiful transmissions and activations, I continue serving humanity at my best.Honored to be published this year on over 18 publications in United States and connecting with a new grid & market, opened so many doors & brought new opportunities in.Excited to have started and continuing my show ” New Earth- Bridge to a Multidimensional Experience” on Conscious Vitality now INFYNIT TV in 2023 and featuring more New Earth Leaders.Continuing my collaboration with Mind Valley and griding that platform as well with ascension codes.So many other reasons to celebrate, especially seeing my family this year but the cherry on top of my birthday cake was meeting my amazing partner and entering a blessed & holy union.I couldn’t be more happy celebrating with you all my existence on this planet and being so grateful for my loyal Global Light Tribe supporting my mission on Earth with the arcturian Council of Light!Let’s find every day a reason to celebrate this miracle called life and the magic we are!Happy Holidays!I love You, All.Many Blessings,Livia Devi  @daniel.sun__

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