Hokule’a Sanctuary

Beautiful Ones,I am extremely excited to share with you a VISION that today become REALITY????I am beyond thrilled to announce that I anchored the first physical 5D SPACE in Hawaii, a unique YOGA & MEDITATION CENTER in the financial district of downtown Honolulu.HOKULE’A SANCTUARY is an oasis of light and the only one in downtown Honolulu beaming 5D ascension frequencies through the 3D grids of the city and elevating the frequency realities of thousands of people working in the density of the skyscrapers and corporate jobs.I have tears in my eyes sharing this ????❤ looking behind at the transformation I need to take last year, to embody fully my Higher Self and be able to SERVE in all densities, all realities, and extend the 4D BRIDGE to the ones in the 3D.We are here to help as many as we can.DIVINE SERVICE is when we are able to navigate our MULTIDIMENSIONAL expression, without identifying to any dimensional existence but flowing with the Higher Councils of Light the waves of Source energy.I am beyond grateful to the Arcturian Council of Light, for creating the most incredible alignments and synchronicities and for helping me bring this 5D SANCTUARY TO LIFE in 4 months.I am beyond grateful to everyone I hired and joined my vision to make this happen in 3D: business lawyers, attorneys, planners, real estate agents, contractors, my team in Australia, US, Asia, Europe the new team members that are rising with me & Hokule’a in Hawaii.Last but not least, my beautiful Star brother Tanin Shunter from Canada was guided to offer his song to complement the spirit of Hokule’a.It was an incredible team effort and we are opening the doors to all of you on August 2nd, 2022! ????If you listen, take action, and persevere your VISION will always become REALITY!Follow our Sanctuary ⛩IG: hokuleasanctuaryFB: Hokulea SanctuaryWebsite: hokuleanewearth.com

And follow the Starlight,

Livia Devi

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