How ISIS Sacred Teachings Were Misused


Do you know how ISIS sacred teachings were misused? 

After the fall of Atlantis, when the ancient civilization of Egypt was flourishing, Sirius initiated Hathor which then initiated Isis on teachings from the higher realms of existence.

Isis consciousness received libraries of light, codexes, and data on human evolution, DNA restructuring, technology, and advanced teachings to help the human race reach the 5D consciousness and live in peace and harmony.

As most of the teachings from Sirius are received and rapidly embodied through kundalini and sexual energy, Isis repetitively merged with the divine.

She was told to initiate a group of Priestesses in these higher realms teachings, old souls that traveled dimensional existence for eons of incarnations before becoming the custodians of these codes.

I was one of twelve beings initiated by Isis and we all vowed to keep the purity of these codes in our soul blueprint for thousands of years of dimensional existence with the price of life itself.

Some of the Priestesses once initiated into that power, fell to the temptation of using it to get everything their human ego ever wanted.

They start to use sexual energy for control, manipulation, slavery, opening portals into the underworld for flesh pleasure, giving their bodies and souls to the darkness.

The Temples of Isis lost their purity and sacredness.

The ones that misused the power initiated other Priests and Priestesses transferring these codes that merged with other frequencies that were not anymore from the higher dimensions.

For thousands of years, following that karmatic line females are using sex magic to enslave, control and manipulate men.

I recently met a couple, co-existing in a karmatic entanglement where she was using sex magic on him and he had no control over his life, feelings, emotions, actions like being on drugs all the time ” serving the Goddess”.

This is another term females that are using sex magic aka black magic are now saying about their men… that they are in “devotion to the Goddess”.

As one of the Souls that went through excruciating deaths and sacrificed my existence in multiple incarnations to protect the sacredness of the higher realms teachings, I have no tolerance towards anyone misusing the power to enslave others.

As an old soul, the voice of truth, and guardian of purity on this planet, there is no justification I will ever accept from females using sex magic consciously or unconsciously on men.

I was guided by the Sirius Council to write this post, remembering humanity to stop perpetuating the karma by clearing ancestral mother-grandmother lines and all distorted codes on sexual energy you had been born with.

Use this Full Moon portal to purge out from the ancestral and collective memory the distortion still stored as subconscious programming.

How ISIS Sacred Teachings Were Misused

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