How To Disconnect From Fear And Ascend

How to disconnect from fear and ascend

How to disconnect from fear and ascend

What’s happening on this planet at this moment as a collective – many people are following the collective trend of ascension, because of fear, so many people are stuck in the third-dimensional realms of existence and they are afraid actually to fully let go of what they are perceiving as being a reality in order to synchronize with Gaia.

The collective consciousness of this planet is following the pattern of ascension or grid of ascension that is very different than actually our planet.

This is so interesting, right? We think that we are doing the same thing but is not.

So how the collective is ascending based on the system of beliefs, and conditioning layers, and realities that the collective is creating.

When we are plugged into the collective reality, then our ascension is following that trend, you know, following the energy and frequencies of the collective.

So if you want to create your own reality, you have to disconnect.

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