How It Is To Live On One Of The Highest Frequency Grids On Earth

Definitely not for the ones, running away of their shadow, full embodiment and integration!Hawaiian islands, are welcoming everyone short term but if you want to live here, the islands are choosing who stays and goes.And this is because these grids are the purest on Earth, preserving light codes from Lemuria and holding inter-dimensional portals to inner Earth civilizations.And by living here, you need to be a clear, pure, transparent, highly crystalline vessel of light and become an extension of this massive grid.Everything is alive here. The Spirit Guardians of these islands are interacting with you daily, testing your integrity and devotion to your soul evolution and ascension.Living here, comes with a daily commitment for growth and expansion which for normal people might be exhausting because on other grids on Earth you can ” take breaks” while here you are constantly in a powerful vortex.Each island, has its own Spirit Guardians, personality, gifts and unique ways of communication and interaction.The Big Island of Hawaii is definitely one of the most accelerated manifestation portals because of the active volcanoes and lava constantly creating new earth, about 42 acres per year.I am blessed to anchor here with beautiful soul family brothers and sisters and build an advanced 5D community, pioneering a new world.

Mahalo Nui Loa,,

Livia Devi

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