Sound Frequency Up To 1,000 Hz

Omg, guys, today I had the most amazing experience in my existence.

I discovered a giant singing bowl, 1.76 meters in diameter with a weight of 1.2 tons where you can go in, hanging in a hammock, and experience a large spectrum of sound frequency vibration.

The bowl is a result of 15 years of development and studies and was brought from Switzerland to USA.

The sound bath of 30 minutes, felt like hours and hours as after 5 minutes I was gone, out of my body up to the Galactic Federation for receiving a directive.

The coolest thing is that I downloaded 24 Codes of Abundance from 24 different Star Nations that went into my DNA on the 12/24 sequence key code.

I also saw my body fully regenerating at the cellular level and floating in the quantum field and becoming a wave, merging with Source.

When I came back, I couldn’t feel my body or speak because the experience was fully transcendental.

As I will start organizing 2023 private & group Retreats in Hawaii, I will add this experience to the list of awesome things we will do together.

The last pic with me having that large smile was before the sound bath, not knowing in what I am getting into haha.

Receive effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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