What Is Living Light Technology?

Living Light Technology

Join me for a few moments to feel into what Living Light Technology is.

There is a great awakening occurring across the lands and in order to integrate and accelerate our ascension into our soul’s mission, we need access to tools that will support our journey.

This is why I was guided by The Arcturian Council Of Light to create the Living Light Technology Activation, and to make it free and accessible to all beings who are ready to receive it.

For the souls who are asking for their next steps to fully embody their missions here on Mother Earth, please join me in receiving these powerful ascension and DNA codexes and activations to support you.

The Living Light Technology Activation opens you to:

???? New Earth Grids, Templates, Systems and Quantum Ascension of Gaia to understand how the collective consciousness of this planet is evolving and transforming

????Physical Body and Light Body Ascension through Quantum Technology an accelerated path of evolution.

????A powerful DNA Activation that will activate dormant encoded data of your own Soul Divine Mission on Earth.


Here is the link to the replay, also at the link in BIO:https://info465a91.clickfunnels.com/quantum-consciousness1615556696158

Many Blessings,Livia Devi ????

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