2023- Emerge into greatness

As we are navigating the energies of the last Full Moon of 2022 we are closing loops & cycles not meant to come with us in 2023.December is clearing, purifying, neutralizing and releasing subconscious forms of co-dependency at the collective/individual level as everyone is pushed to move from victimization & separation consciousness into sovereignty.We can’t carry burdens, people, places, situations on our shoulders in the next cycle and the release will catapult everyone into a time-space reality of full self-responsibility and self- ownership.We are learning to be sovereign through embodiment & integrating inner dynamics where nothing outside of us is external anymore.Accepting the universal truth that you are your reality and the only one creator of it brings stilness and liberation from all conditioning & definitions of existence.The powerful portals of transformation on Dec 7th, Dec 12, Dec 21, Dec 22, Dec 23rd and Dec 31st is offering us invitations to quantum shift realities and reconfigure the multidimensional grid of our Divine Soul Missions on Earth.2023 is an year of emergence into our Greatness and Accelerated Ascension, speeding up the embodiment of 5D Consciousness and the birth of a new evolved human being discontinued from the past and completely linked into quantum convergence.Many Blessings,Livia Devi @daniel.sun___ 

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