18 years ago…

Yesterday, I taught in Quantum Leadership Program about Innovative & Transformational Leadership that reminded me of a story that happened 18 years ago.Many of you don’t know, but I have a university degree in Political Science and a master degree in European Law and 18 years ago I worked for the government, organizing an electoral campaign for the Prime Minister of an east European country.That experience exposed me to different models of leadership and understandings way beyond a normal human being would.After 6 months, I quit my job & my entire career I hardly prepared for years and let go of lined up job at the European Commission.18 years ago, I started from scratch in the private sector letting go of a framework I couldn’t resonate with but never of my dream.I kept my dream in the heart of hearts that one day a new world will be born and the old political, economical, social and cultural structures will collapse.A world that has a strong foundation and a value system that cares for a global community of aligned souls sharing an interdependent field of co-creation with source energy.New Earth is within. New Earth is now.I am looking forward to the day, I will see hundreds of thousands, millions and billions of souls releasing separation consciousness and deliberately creating collective realities of great unfolding.Until then I will continue staying devoted to my mission, activating the leadership of this planet in their divine purpose and 5D consciousness.I am excited about 2023 and the Great Unfolding leading us all to the pivotal 2024 year.Many Blessings,Livia Devi 

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