The art of going all in

True courage comes when you have nothing to lose.When you hit rock bottom you are dangerous, because that passion and thirst for life is irreplaceable.And hitting rock bottom, doesn’t always need to be financial but sometimes we are reaching the end of the road in different ways and this is when we are leveling up.Someone once said” money doesn’t make more money, courage does” and this stick with me because an old version of me believed I need money to do things.And the truth is, we only need to align our frequency with Wealth & Abundance and allow its incredible flow to enter our life.The Universe likes courage, taking risks and plunging in the unknown because you are energetically & unapologetically choosing your reality.Going All In is the Art of the Deliberate Co-Creator knowing its infinite creative power!Receive effortlessly,Livia Devi  I definitely went all in for this photo to be taken sitting on a spiky rock on the Dragon’s Head. Art by @danielsun

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