Are You Ready To Quantum Shift Into The Highest Timeline Of Your Soul Mission?

I am extremely excited ????to announce that a new group of 5D Visionaries answered the call to join Evolving Consciousness Program???? and create a global multidimensional infrastructure for the New Earth.

Our Opening Ceremony and first transmission of this 6 months journey is on the Lion’s Gate???? and we are using the energies of this portal to quantum shift and access the highest realities of abundance, freedom, ascension and soul expansion.

The program is anchored on the 4D bridge, as we are learning from Advanced Civilizations of Light how to navigate interdimensional realms of the 4D and embody light technology.

 This morning, as I went into the quantum field and connected to the grid of Evolving Consciousness Program, I saw advanced sacred geometry frequencies creating wheels of light receiving Sirius transmissions.

Every single being that said YES to the journey and are on grid of this program, will massively shift their consciouness moving through the Lion’s Gate Stargate in a very accelerated way.

 If you feel deeply called by the Soul of this program and ready to quantum jump with us on 08.08 Portal, please submit your application and book your interview at the link below:

Also, you can connect to the frequency of this program by receiving Magda journey in Evolving Consciouness, her experience and transformation.

Thank you, Magdalena Grygorowicz for this beautiful testimonial but mostly for listening to your intuition & guidance and choosing to co-create with me, the Arcturian Council of Light, Sirius Council of Light and your Higher Self a unique life experince of your Soul journey on Earth.

Many Blessings


Receive effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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