When The Art Of Influence Becomes Manipulation

There is a thin line between influence and manipulation in business and while the difference may be nuanced, people need to be more discerning. Unfortunately successful 3D entrepreneurs that awakened and shifted into teaching 5D business are still using 3D tactics, strategies to create co-dependency grids with their clients/ students keeping them hooked into a grid that is not serving.

 While all these tactics are socially acceptable in 3D by a collective consciousness enslaved by systems, once you wake up, you awaken within a value system governed by morals and ethics when you genuinely care about another human being.

When I see 5D spiritual businesses, built on 3D structures where mentors are using the same tactics they used 20 years ago to bring clients in and keep them hypnotized in a holographic reality serving one party only, I feel to create awareness.

 And this is because, many Souls at the beginning of their ascension journey are vulnerable, confused, sensitive, all their conditioning are up and they are looking for a safe place where they can be guided, held and embraced not taken advantage off.

 As a New Earth Leader and someone that gave up at so many worldly things to walk a path of integrity, devotion and dedication to my Soul Mission on Earth with the Arcturian Council of Light, I will not tolerate spiritual/ascension/5D mentors that are not embodying the 5D VALUES SYSTEM.

We will not normalize crossing boundaries within the large spectrum of the Art of Influence in the new 5D grids. This belongs to the old world, to the old paradigm and people really need to WAKE UP discern, have clear boundaries and speak up their truth.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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