How To Listen And Follow Your Soul Guidance

Listening and taking actions inspired by your Soul is placing you in a frequency reality that is massively contributing to your evolution and ascension.When the mind interferes with your Soul Guidance you feel fearful, confused, and limited in your choices.The limitations are bringing the edges of your reality so close to your light body and physical body creating a false sense of safety and comfort that will put on hold your evolution until you have the courage to pop the bubble.If you want to embody freedom, expansiveness, and explore the infinite potential of your Soul you need to listen and follow the guidance and the precision of your Heart.The choices your Soul will guide you to make might feel uncomfortable at the beginning because is stretching out the edges of your Universe, placing you outside of your comfort zone.But you want to be unedged, unbounded, unlimited, and unrestricted, operating outside the enslaving structures of your mind and experiencing life to its fullest potential.The choices you make every day is placing you either in past-present timelines or future-present timelines.When you listen to your mind, your body lives in the past.When you listen to your Soul and your Inner- Visionary your body chemistry changes into future memory.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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