You Are Infinite Potential

Last the 9th of August, we had an incredible Opening Ceremony for Evolving Consciousness Program in the Lion’s Gate energies and we received teachings from Sirius, Arcturus, the Dragons Order of Light from 12D, Metatron and the Great Central Sun Council of Light.

We activated the Temple of Light, a 7D technology and the Arcturian Council of Light placed us on the grid of this interdimensional technology and travelled with us on different galactic locations where we received light codes of abundance, divine soul mission purpose, quantum knowledge, evolution and different empowerements.

They connected us to the highest reality we allowed ourselves to ever dream or imagine and created pathways towards it.

And so much more…

At the end of the transmission, the message I kept receiving from Sirius was ” You are infinite potential” and they were not adressing to me only but to us all, the whole humanity as individuals and collective.

When we allow ourselves to leave our immediate reality and understand we have access to an unlimited life with endless possibilities, we start to live our potential.

 There is so much available to us, only if we allow ourselves to become curious of what stays beyond the predefined framework of your immediate linearity.

 If you want to learn more, I want to gift you a powerful transmission that includes 3 Galatic Activations, as the pre-work for Evolving Consciousness Program.

This Multidimensional Transmission for 5D Visionaries will have you receive: ????POWERFUL 5D SOUL MISSION ACTIVATION which will connect you to your mission grid, divine purpose, and take you through a journey. This is a journey of merging your 3D and 4D with 5D consciousness in the wholeness of your being, aligning with your Higher Consciousness, and will be guided by our beautiful 12D Sirius Council of Light.????A UNIQUE ABUNDANCE ACTIVATION of your 5D inner codexes stored in your DNA will amplify and expand your capacity of receiving and giving. This will allow you to co-create with the laws of the Universe effortlessly in your manifested reality and will be guided by the 12D Great Central Sun Council of Light????5D INNER VISIONARY ACTIVATION which will connect you to the quantum interdimensional technologies that will activate your Pineal Gland and 3RD Eye quantum vision and will be guided by the 7D Arcturian Council of Light

Here is the link to it:…

If after receiving these 3 Activations you feel deeply called to join Evolving Consciousness Program you can do so, at the link below:

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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