Blessed Full Moon in Libra

Blessed Full Moon in LibraThings are manifesting fast in my life and change is bringing in new opportunities, new beginnings, and excitements.When these new cycles are coming, I am always finding myself quantum jumping into new realities, seeing the immediate past as an echo through time and space.Events that happened a month ago, feel so far away and I am not able to emotionally, mentally, and energetically connect to past experiences, because they are placed into the now moment of my life, under a different spectrum of perception.When we don’t live a linear existence anymore, the past, present, and future become one with us. Time and space are melting in our hearts, as we are creating new timelines from the inside out.What are you ready to create today, in this powerful Full Moon portal?What are your deepest desires, dreams, and excitements?What are you ready to receive with an open loving heart?

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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