The Pathmakers

We are looking towards new horizons for humanity, as the collective of this planet is awakening from a deep long sleep.The ones at the forefront of ascension will always lead the way in sovereignty and alignment, showing to others that its safe to choose the highest frequency of love, peace and safety that stays in the central chambers of our hearts.Many are taking their power back, re-birthing into pathmakers.This process of metamorphosis is leading humanity into a radical awakening towards sovereignty and independence.Where confusion lies, clarity is.Where fear is, love prevails.Where unsafety controls, peace is imminent.In the 3rd dimension we are refining through the contrast our preferred realities to be able to deeply choose them on the 4th dimension and live them by embodying our 5th dimensional consciousness.We are evolving.Something deep within life is changing.New realities are formed, redefined, created for the entire human race to rise into a higher density of existence.The pathmakers can’t be stopped to walk new unknown paths for hundreds of thousands and millions of people to follow.They are anchoring communities beyond frontiers and borders, calling in their global family of light.If you are one of them or looking for your community, I invite you to read further..Last year, I was guided by the Arcturian Council of Light to create a space for all starseeds to come together, receive powerful activations and technology and start walking the path of activating their Soul missions on Earth.A space where they can be received, loved, accepted, held and guided to connect to their Heart consciousness and Star families.A global community lead by love and a deep desire for evolution and ascension here to rise the collective grids through our unified field.Source Seed is a dynamic, highly activated, and coded group coaching program for the souls looking to:????Activate their Quantum access and Channeling abilities????Activate their Starseed and Multidimensional codexes to embody their Souls????Learning how to navigate the ascension from 3D to 5D and navigate multiple stages of awakening????Clearing and deprograming 3D templates of existence that no longer serve your evolution????Connecting to your Soul and Star families and learning about dimensional existence????Receiving teachings and activations from 7D Arcturian Council of Light????Learning about multiverses of existence and quantum technologies????Activating your DNA and Light Bodies for a graceful ascension????Calling back your Soul memory and accessing the highest timelines of existence????Activating your Light Language and Star language abilities????Receiving templates, teachings, and codexes to stabilize on the 4D bridge of consciousness????Learning how to access and navigate the Quantum field????Receiving templates of integration and embodiment in alignment with your Soul Evolution????Learning how to co-create with Gaia consciousness????Learning how to always anchor in the 5D grids of existence????Receiving new gridwork templates and teachings for co-creation, expansion, ascension, and evolution????Anchoring into new realities of abundance, love, freedom, service, and unity consciousnessIf you are ready to join us, you can submit your application at the link below: application will be followed by an interview to make sure this program is a good fit for you.Looking forward to co-creating soon!

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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