Opening Day of Hokule’a Sanctuary

​Beautiful Ones,I want to share with you, the energy from the Opening Day of Hokule’a Sanctuary in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii.We had such an amazing time, activating the space and anchoring the highest frequencies for this New Beginning.We are excited for everyone stepping into this space of connection to their Heart Consciousness and Multidimensional expression of their Soul.Hokule’s Sanctuary is a bridge between dimensions, timelines, and realities, unifying streams of consciousness and bringing everyone into the oneness frequency.The Sanctuary is for you all, no matter the age, walks of life, level of fitness & well-being, or where you are in your healing journey.Our yoga & meditation classes are designed to offer you an experience of connection to your Body, Heart, Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Earth planet.We are intentionally inclusive in our classes.Our goal is to create a safe space where you can authentically you and unravel your Soul essence.As our values state, we are here to help you reconnect back to yourself, the flow of life, and the grids of the Hawaiian island chain.H- HawaiiO- OnenessK- KuleanaU- UnityL- LoveE- EvolutionA- AscensionCome and visit us next week if you are in Oahu or follow us on IG at @hokuleasanctuary if you are on the other side of the world, but deeply keep Hawaii timeline in your heart.Hokule’a Sanctuary @hokuleasanctuaryFB: Hokule’a Sanctuary

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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