You Are The Only One Who Can Change Your Life

​Circumstances, reflections, and situations don’t change until you change.Everything starts with you and the Universe meets you halfway.Many are afraid to let go of their comfortable co-dependant zone( the relationships they don’t feel excited about, the enslaving jobs, or redundant lives) because every change involves unmeasurable & uncontrollable risks.Many humans internalize their outer experiences, thinking something is wrong with them and they need to take a journey of 20 years of healing to become better humans.What if I tell you, there is another way?What if I tell you, you don’t need to waste so much time & energy because nothing is wrong with you?Some become addicted to healing or co-dependant on their own subconscious patterns, looping cycles of healing & bringing the imprints of trauma back, doing this endlessly because they believe something is wrong with them.Addiction to co-dependency grids, templates, and patterns is a form of self- punishing, self-sabotage, and lack of self-love.What if I tell you, you can immediately shift when you move from lack & scarcity into abundance & overflowing love?The journey from co-dependence, independence to interdependence is walking gracefully on the path of love towards yourself & others.If you want to change your life, change your thinking patterns about yourself, others, and humanity.When you told yourself the same story over and over again until you created a core belief and a reality projected endlessly from that, you start living in a default program of your reality.You are not even creating new realities anymore, because the program runs on its own. This is what I call holographic living. You live in a hologram of your own projected illusion.If you want to break free from that loop, you need to start thinking through what you have never thought before and re-wire your neurological pathways.This is how you embody and become the change you want to live.And the good part is, that these new thoughts are loving, joyful, happy, playful, exciting, and expansive and they feel so good, abundant, and satisfying.If you want to live an effortless life of freedom, abundance, divine unconditional love, and grace I invite you to read further:I teach Evolving Consciousness- A Journey for 5D Visionaries, in September 2022 a module dedicated to:■ Deprogramming subconscious core beliefs, conditioning layers, and limitations by introducing new modalities of shifting your consciousness into new frequency realities.■ Understanding the subtleties of codependency, independency, and interdependency and exploring the energetics behind them■ Sovereignty, as a balancing act of your right and left hemispheres of the brain; building a bridge between your subconscious and conscious■ Quantum 7D technology for mental body reprogramming and how to increase your awareness by becoming an active- observant of your realityAnd so much more …If you are feeling magnetically pulled to take the journey with me and the Arcturian Council of Light, submit your application at the link below:

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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