Walking The Path Of Your Soul Mission On Planet Earth

When your Divine Mission is Activated, you are supported by the Universe to achieve your goals and even go beyond them. Your Higher Self will guide your steps towards quantum time and realities of divine unfoldings, syncronicities and alignments that are not following a linear pattern.Your mind will not understand how it is possible to go from point A to L in a straight line by skipping intermediary steps but your heart consciousness knows the journey.New neurological pathways are formed and electromagnetic impulses of light are linking your neurons from brain & heart until everything becomes this interdimensional dance of light, sound and colour.You are embodying the frequency of your Soul experiencing it for the first time with deep awareness in each cell of your being.Living and being energy, frequency, light, source and free of density, exploring and navigating your consciousness completely awaken to the miracle of life, is a skill you will master.When you are activated in your Divine Soul Mission on Earth, you are supported by the Galactic Federation, Star Nations and Advanced Councils of Light because you are living the purpose of your incanation.You are ready to serve at the highest and elevate the frequency of your existence to the next level beyond what you could ever imagine or thought is possible.What awaits you beyond the veil of this first layer of reality, there are infinite realities precisely orchestrated by your Soul for your human Self to journey through inner/outer fields of existence. I am divinely guided by the Arcturian Council of Light to offer you an experience of how it is to receive 7D codexes of light and frequencies directly from the Council, an advanced collective consciousness from Arcturus civilization.This is the First Time, I am sharing publically a transmission with the Arcturian Council of Light but this is the work I do for years and how I serve the students in my programs and the world.If you want to receive this interdimenional transmission of 7D light, comment below with ” Soul Mission” and my team will PM you a 1:22:22 sec of codes from another civilization, something you never experienced and you will never experience again in its uniqness.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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