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Dear Entrepreneur,

Now that you are proudly updating your IG status to Self- Made Millionaire, Multi-7 or Multi-8 figure how are you actually helping the world?

I’ve seen some using the war from Ukraine as a good marketing strategy to become more popular and draw more people in only with the purpose to increase sales.

Do you actually know what a war is?

Have you been in a war zone seeing people shot gun on the streets?

Did you ever look in a mother’ eye seeing her son fighting for peace being murdered in front of her?

I did.

And while you were creating your reels from your comfortable leather coach, expressing your opinion about war others are living it.

What is your contribution to this world?

What impact are you making?

How are you helping?

Are you here only to show off your Lambo, Ferrari, your fine dining in Dubai, brand textile and a 7-8 figure lifestyle only to ” prove” and “validate” that now you can coach others how to do a 5 or 6 figure business?

Are you actually teaching your newbies young entrepreneurs how to be compassionate and live from their heart consciousness and become better human beings?

Or are you teaching them 3D marketing and sales strategies and how to become successful and hit all 3D marks of power, money and fame?

What type of spiritual, life & business coach are you?

Did you ever ask yourself this question?

Did you ever question ethics, morals or you are just a money making machine teaching others how to become slave multi-millionaires keeping the old paradigm alive?

I personally laugh, when I see people labelling themselves on social media as Multi-7 or Multi-8.

Its like ” I am a tutti fruti now. Come and buy from me”.

Its sad to see awakened humans using 3D strategies working with hypnotized masses not to awaken them but fuel their thirst for money, power, status, fame and enslave them even more into a system that is Soulless.

Take this food for thought with you, next time when you meditate and ask yourself …how are you actually helping the world?

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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