New Earth Systems

“I never teach my students. I only provide the conditions in which they can learn”- Albert Einstein

If we want to create a New, more Evolved Civilization we need to create a new framework of existence.

We learnt from the old paradigm of being and living everything that didn’t work out; from social & economical systems that are enslaving, from cultural conditioning that are limiting and how a human being in all its glory was reduced to a component of an entire mechanism reinstating division and separation. 

But what is the NEW?

How does it look and feel like?

We can’t take an old system that worked in 3D, change its name, dust it off a bit, give it another name and call it 5D. It doesn’t work this way.

In 3D all systems are build on societal structures, economical, political & cultural infrastructures creating models & patterns of existence that are limiting and not supporting the evolution of human consciousness.

In 4D/5D we don’t have structures anymore but an energetic framework ruled by the laws of the Universe with multiple frequency bandwidths and time- space continuums where an individual is evolving in harmony & synchronicity with all that is.

Existence is not defined and ruled anymore by external reality representations of form, controlled by systems but its the very nature of being fully aligned with quantum time and interdimensional existence.

Human consciousness is not bound to one reality, one realm, one dimension, one frequency only when you are exploring your multidimensional expression.

From this evolutionary point, New Earth Systems are created and a New World is born.

The foundation of the New Earth is energetically not structural anymore, because every brick is a value embodied at individual and collective level.

We can only create the New, if we consciously choose the journey of awakening, ascension and evolution and stay in integrity with whom we are becoming by not bringing the old into the new. 

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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