How To Live On Purpose

One year ago I moved from Bali to Hawaii, from one paradise to another and since then, I can’t express in words the beauty of Hawaiian islands.

After living 6 months in Kauai and 3 months in Kona, in June 2022 I decided to move to Oahu, anchored a business in Honolulu and started an incredible exciting chapter of my divine soul mission on Earth.

I am so grateful to live here, enjoy the most beautiful turqouise -blue waters and golden sand beaches, incredible mountain views, waterfalls, an abundant lifestyle on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

I am living a dream within a dream on one of the most high frequency grids on Earth, serving this planet in so many ways.

 Life is becoming better and better, day by day and I I am just getting started.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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